Apple Watch Series 5, reviewed: Should you upgrade?

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2019. 09. 18.
  • A week of wearing showed us how Apple’s new watch changes actually work.
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댓글 • 448

  • CNET
    CNET  개월 전 +55

    Is the always on display enough to justify the upgrade for you?

    • Denver Morgan
      Denver Morgan 17 일 전

      Im sold I really want to get one.

    • Anastacio III
      Anastacio III 18 일 전

      Yes, because I can now replace a real watch.

    • Marcello Longhi
      Marcello Longhi 27 일 전 +1

      I think when the owner of a previous apple’s product see that the next one is identical......💨💨😃😃😃 sigh of relief

    • K 97
      K 97 28 일 전 +2

      ‘Always on feature’ makes it regular watch for me coming from ‘no interest in watches but bangles instead’, it’s the main reason why am ordering this now!!

    • Brandon_AC
      Brandon_AC 29 일 전

      GMP Hockeykid531 EKG? LTPO display? Nope! No innovation here!

  • dhirendra gajbhiye
    dhirendra gajbhiye 5 일 전


    iwatch 5 battery is very bad, with workout app and cellular call on iwatch 5 not even lasted for 3 hour?!!!😱
    Battery down from 100 % to 10 % in just two hours??
    What could be problem? Should we return the watch?

  • Skatepark Dudes
    Skatepark Dudes 5 일 전

    When you wear two apple watches on your wrist anyone with me?

  • ArtistProtagonist
    ArtistProtagonist 7 일 전 +1

    Soon these watches will replace phones and instead of having a phone people will have a tablet (or a foldable tablet) for things that require more screen

  • Chad Charming
    Chad Charming 7 일 전

    I upgraded from a series 2
    This one is amazing

  • Stefan Buchbauer
    Stefan Buchbauer 8 일 전

    Did you try the watch in direct sunlight at a certain angle? The always on display flickers and gets really dark... please check that

  • kt 72
    kt 72 9 일 전

    So does your phone basically become useless if you get an Apple Watch? I’ve never had one.

  • Kimoon Nam
    Kimoon Nam 10 일 전

    What about burn in

  • BR
    BR 12 일 전

    Man, their watches are never gonna be worth it.

  • Daniel Pierce
    Daniel Pierce 16 일 전

    You don’t know why they don’t have a watch face store? You can’t even guess? It’s design, they want complete control over how the device looks, including the front of it..

  • Radoslav March
    Radoslav March 16 일 전

    What's the name of the band, please

  • Darrin Gordon
    Darrin Gordon 19 일 전

    Wow....34 watch

  • Budi Wihartanto
    Budi Wihartanto 20 일 전

    Hi. Can you confirm how much music storage capacity for Apple Watch 5? The previous models have 2GB of storage capacity.

  • bigwavedave350
    bigwavedave350 20 일 전

    To me it’s like a whole new ballgame for the Apple Watch. Ive got the series 4 stainless and having the display always on is night and day for me. I have already ordered my series 5 still waiting for it to ship :/

  • Good Destiny
    Good Destiny 20 일 전

    Just bough watch 4 at a great discount . Better than watch 5 currently in my opinion

  • Otto Harshbarger
    Otto Harshbarger 22 일 전

    I wish battery life was better. It’s definitely worse for me than the series 4. Hopefully Apple pushes out an update that can improve battery life

  • Victoria
    Victoria 24 일 전 +1

    I read a comment where someone said the Titanium on display looked scratched already. More scratches than the SS. Can anyone confirm?

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh Hernandez 24 일 전

    Finally! Now I don’t have to tilt my wrist slightly down anymore and I can navigate my way around purely by compass!

  • Poet's Guide
    Poet's Guide 25 일 전

    The only thing left for me to buy a smart watch is at least 3 day battery life.

  • saladdogger
    saladdogger 25 일 전

    Why do you need 32gb in a watch ???.

  • DenisK
    DenisK 25 일 전

    Everyone was trippin when they realized their phone allows them to track you and your movements. Now we gladly pay to enjoy less and less privacy

  • Alexander Le
    Alexander Le 25 일 전

    When you plaster your product everywhere just to get people to buy it.

  • Attila Szabo
    Attila Szabo 25 일 전

    ABSOLUTELY USELESS !! another waste of money.

    • Chad Charming
      Chad Charming 6 일 전

      Attila Szabo I’m good and I bought this watch and it’s amazing

    • Attila Szabo
      Attila Szabo 6 일 전

      @Chad Charming Why not.. comment not blocked so I keep the right to WARN EVERY INNOCENT customer not to waste money they earn with hard work... people just work hard to get that money and these companies just simple pull it out from their pocket with stupid usless products. help them too... and dont buy this shit.m:) go out and have a good walk instead. save your money buy quality food or travel on that money..

      GOT IT???? ;) HAPPY DAYS

    • Chad Charming
      Chad Charming 7 일 전

      Then don’t buy
      Don’t even comment

    • thomas salley
      thomas salley 22 일 전 +1

      Just like your comment!

  • Dean Platt
    Dean Platt 26 일 전

    I have Not long bought a Apple Watch Series 4 which I am still paying for so I will be buying the Series 5 next year for certain or unless they bring another one out then I will go for that instead Lol 😂

  • BlueStreek44
    BlueStreek44 27 일 전

    Wow, the Apple watch just now got features that Samsung and Google had for years! What have y'all been paying for??

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh 27 일 전 +6

    Guys here’s a tip for battery life (it’s appalling) turn ON always on display, and turn OFF wake screen on wrist raise. Doubles battery life. Also worth noting that apps on the faces of not auto refresh until the watch is woke, which also helps save your battery cheers!

    • Michael JS
      Michael JS 18 일 전

      John Walsh it’s just a software thing. watchOS 6.1 is in beta now and has fixed the battery life.

  • Rachal Macias
    Rachal Macias 27 일 전 +1

    It’s not worth the upgrade I’m gunna keep my series 4 and wait till next year!! The only thing it has that my series 4 don’t have is the always on display and the compass and I don’t need either..Apple did a update last Friday which gave me all the new stuff the series 5 has except the two things I just mentioned so we shall see what cool things they come up with next year cause this year was a huge let down!!

  • Yazen Al gheithy
    Yazen Al gheithy 27 일 전

    Wtfff. Ceramic is even more expensive than the iphone 11pro max

  • Mike
    Mike 27 일 전 +1

    The biggest drag are the watch faces, non of them still really look good.

  • will ferell
    will ferell 27 일 전 +1

    Top class review, loved the narration and crisp, to the point report. Subscribed.

  • Ed Tardaguila
    Ed Tardaguila 28 일 전

    no waaaayy! :)

  • seinundzeiten
    seinundzeiten 28 일 전

    The iphone 11 can do all this nonsense,.,,,seriously it is a toy,

  • k7
    k7 28 일 전

    Apple: introduces life saving feature ECG
    People: oh cool
    Apple: introduces aod
    people: crazy!!!!!!!

    • John Walsh
      John Walsh 27 일 전

      k7 Apple Watch ECG is unreliable, only one point of information. Take it lightly

  • Jamal Harrison
    Jamal Harrison 28 일 전

    Just some helpful criticism, the audio was awful in this video.

  • nicholo1
    nicholo1 29 일 전 +2

    How did you drop the watch, it’s literally tied around your wrist

    • nicholo1
      nicholo1 27 일 전 +1

      @John Walsh um yes? where else would it be, pull it out of my pocket? lmaooooo

    • John Walsh
      John Walsh 27 일 전

      nicholo1 Use your brain, is your watch always tied to your wrist?

  • Aden Zia
    Aden Zia 29 일 전 +1

    Plz tell me if we can turn off the turn on feature ????????

  • MauveMotive
    MauveMotive 29 일 전 +1

    The Iwatch 4 was a HUGE release. Now we get an always on and compass. Wow apple, you sure out did yourself this time. Happy with my Iwatch 4 thankssss

    • Mike
      Mike 27 일 전

      What’s Iwatch ? Some bootleg Apple Watch you bought off amazon ?

  • Kevin Vandemore
    Kevin Vandemore 29 일 전

    Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

    FULL ALBUMS 29 일 전 +1

    I just use AW 4 and have a second watch which shows me time

  • let'sCARPE thisDIEM
    let'sCARPE thisDIEM 29 일 전 +3

    I feel like an always on display option could have been implemented on the series 4 by a simple software update.

    • Chad Charming
      Chad Charming 7 일 전

      It’s a new display 🙄

    • Michael JS
      Michael JS 18 일 전

      let'sCARPE thisDIEM not really. series 5 has a new display. this displays refresh rate can actively be changed anyway from 1-60 hz. this means that when you’re not using the watch and when it’s in always on mode the software lowers the hz down to 1 hz. this is a major part of why the display can constantly be on all day without you running out of battery life.

  • Darran Askew
    Darran Askew 29 일 전

    I don’t actually want the screen on all the time it’s distracting

  • Madison Dowell
    Madison Dowell 29 일 전 +2

    We don’t have a watch face store cause all of them are free why would we need a store

  • studivan
    studivan 29 일 전

    CNET - I bet it was real exhausting for you to turn you wrist to look at the time, when you had the series 4 Apple Watch, but I have a news flash for you, you still have to turn your wrist or raise your arm to look at the time, so always on screen might be nice but really pointless.

  • James C
    James C 29 일 전

    I can’t seem to find that watch face for my series 4, is the California one with the 4 compilations exclusive to the series 5??

  • Lukas T
    Lukas T 29 일 전 +1

    great and honest review! only thing I disagree with: „or just get the Series 3 and you have the same thing -always on, -ECG - that‘s ridiculously wrong.

  • JesusChristIsLord
    JesusChristIsLord 29 일 전

    If this didn't need an Apple phone to work, I'd totally get the Apple watch. Guess I'll just keep dumping my money on Android devices.

  • Just Joe
    Just Joe 개월 전

    Apple Watch 4 with a software tweak, let's call it Apple Watch 5. Idiots, I mean people will still buy it.

  • Bharat Gambhir
    Bharat Gambhir 개월 전 +5

    Why it gets Dim? They should give the option of always bright in case you want to do it with less battery

    • John Walsh
      John Walsh 27 일 전

      Thats literally the point of the feature...

  • AshAlyn Music
    AshAlyn Music 개월 전

    I’m on my second series 5 in two days, the “always on” display doesn’t work on either of the watches iv purchased. Very disappointed. Iv has every watch since series 1. Bummer

    • AshAlyn Music
      AshAlyn Music 29 일 전

      Dana W it was a 5. I just took my second one back, ( did the same thing ) and just opening the 3rd bloody series 5 now. Hopefully this one works properly. Talked to Apple and they said they are aware of the problem.. they think it’s a hardware issue and not a software issue.

    • Dana W
      Dana W 29 일 전

      AshAlyn Music then they’re trying to sell you a 4

  • Stanislav Coros
    Stanislav Coros 개월 전

    Dont buy it

  • Taimur Ahmed
    Taimur Ahmed 개월 전 +1

    Samsung galaxy watch active 2 is better in my opinion

  • Shaun Sadler
    Shaun Sadler 개월 전 +2

    Why are none of these reviews mentioning something that is so important. The doubling to 32gb of storage. I load my watch with music and use it out exercising without my phone. 16gb was a real hinderance.

  • Walter Daems
    Walter Daems 개월 전 +3

    The battery life is way to short for my liking

  • Bellas 2cents
    Bellas 2cents 개월 전

    This is good info. Thanks.

  • Bellas 2cents
    Bellas 2cents 개월 전

    I prefer a doctor tell me about my heart rate, sinus rhythm, etc.

    • studivan
      studivan 29 일 전 +1

      I have used and Apple Watch when in the hospital and the reading were spot on the heart rate machine, so if your gonna complain about something, this is not the category.

    MCMTB 개월 전 +11

    I upgraded from the 4 and I notice a difference in the OLED clarity and color. Always on is a fantastic feature. Worth the upgrade for me.

  • Brian Gonzalez
    Brian Gonzalez 개월 전

    Same processor??

  • Bryan Wellington
    Bryan Wellington 개월 전

    I couldn't help notice the scuff after you mentioned you dinged it! lol

  • Cesar Bucio
    Cesar Bucio 개월 전

    I have osteoporosis

  • Target Pace
    Target Pace 개월 전

    Somewhat “Always on” isn’t good enough when trying to run 3rd party apps for sport activities. I’ll pass till Apple figures it out.