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휘인(Whee In) - 오묘해(Make Me Happy) MV

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  • 게시일 2022. 01. 15.
  • Whee In 2nd Mini Album [WHEE]
    2022.01.16.6PM RELEASED.
    -Ailee: aileeonline
    -WheeIn: whee_inthemood

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  • Katriinka

    I am so so happy for her, she looks so confident and free!

  • ChocoMenta
    ChocoMenta  +261

    Kpop definitely need more songs like this. It Just become too noisy nowadays.

  • Eureeka karki

    Her webtoon ost "You you" is really killing it on the kcharts like on top 10 and around. This is incredibly good and let's support mmh too!

  • Hikari Chouko

    Let's try to achieve 17M for Wheein birthday month~

  • Kenn Jiang

    This is such a small detail but at

  • Saranghae
    Saranghae  +58

    Keep going, everyone! Wheein's webtoon OST "You, You" is still consistently charting within the top 30 of MelOn even after more than a month since release. Let's hope we can do our part too on youtube ❤

  • Jiglyciouss

    Her angel voice..

  • Milagro Juárez Elías

    Sigamos apoyando a nuestra querida Jung, no dejemos de mostrar amor para celebrar su recien cumple ¡Fighting!

  • tulilulit
    tulilulit  +117

    I decided to listen to WHEE album again today, all songs in the actual order. Oh my, it's so cohesive and relaxing. Definitely will be my go to when I have an anxious/stressful day.

  • wheeinfly
    wheeinfly  +94

    need more wheeinD ㅠㅠ

  • Camille glsn

    I can't stop coming back to this song

  • Lasmanitasdewheein

    Estamos serca de los 15M moomoo no bajes la guardia, continuemos así que llegaremos pronto a los 15M.

  • tokinGLX

    the singing, the instrumentals, the visuals, everything about this is just so good!

  • Kei Takishima

    Wheein said in an interview that “I hope my fans will see this album as coordinates of where I will be heading as an artist"

  • Arlo Jay
    Arlo Jay  +66

    New era of Whee that we get. She’s become herself so much or looks more confident and comfortable.

  • Belén_047

    se que no tiene nada que ver pero días atras le mostre este video a una prima pequeña y quedo embobada con las decoraciones, la melodía, vestuarios y detalles del MV; llamo a Wheein "el hada de la primavera"...

  • Kimberley Ng

    This song and the entire album is so healing, wheein's voice washes the stress out of my bones

  • ann 🦋 cosmoo

    We did it moos 🎉 you guys are great. whether talkative or in silence, thank you for appreciating whee in and supporting her so much 💜 i like to see you. let's celebrate the little happiness and our mysterious 🦋🌱🌺🌬️ And i need a Coffee ^^

  • AE Top Musics

    La voz de Wheein siempre me pone bien soft

  • Ryuu Tsuji

    I just came back from quarantine and Wheein got a new OST?!?!? I need to catch up to all these Wheein content