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  • 게시일 2019. 05. 30.
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    Here's how to master making the perfect cup of coffee at home using a french press, Chemex, or AeroPress.
    Ingredients & Special Equipment:
    + Your favorite coffee
    + Water
    + Chemex, french press, or AeroPress
    My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
    Barnes & Noble:
    Theme song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  5 개월 전 +5813

    Damn it, 'IV' not 'VI' - it's MMXIX and I'm XXXI for god's sake, when am I gonna get my roman numerals right

    • Nicola Is my drug
      Nicola Is my drug 19 일 전

      And how much did you 2 sleep that Night?
      So much caffeine 😉

    • Life's Great
      Life's Great 28 일 전

      Lol 🤣

    • Peter
      Peter 개월 전

      Longest and most beautiful year in Roman Numerals: 1988

    • Daddy Chaddie
      Daddy Chaddie 개월 전

      So, when we gonna get that Espresso video up?

  • A R
    A R 7 시간 전

    Sorry but she doesn't know anything about coffee brewing.

  • tlowe430593
    tlowe430593 18 시간 전 +1

    Banish: I do the satanic star when pouring
    I like this guy even more now

  • Edd thompson
    Edd thompson 일 전

    Didn't know about the double pour method for Chemex but I LOVE AEROPRESS

  • Chan Minh Trieu
    Chan Minh Trieu 3 일 전

    Hi guys i know i'm really late i want to no the name of the coffee grinder i need one small maschine like this.

  • Max Lewson
    Max Lewson 6 일 전

    Judging by how sloppy her technique is the coffee must be amazing to compensate for that.

  • New Jargon
    New Jargon 7 일 전

    She's hot. Thank you.

  • LordKiss
    LordKiss 9 일 전

    why no using the scale when for the AeroPress as well? I mean the AeroPress deserve a certain level a precision also.

  • Dale Schmidt
    Dale Schmidt 9 일 전

    4:32 being tomorrow morning

  • HardwareG33k
    HardwareG33k 10 일 전

    3:06 😏

  • jkid323
    jkid323 11 일 전

    so can someone convert the grams of coffee and the grams of water lol

  • BigLuigi11889
    BigLuigi11889 12 일 전

    This was definitely a first date

  • flow szyslak / retardead

    I actually got a low key vibe that babish found her slightly incompetent and gave her just a tiny bit of sass throughout

  • Tony Cote
    Tony Cote 12 일 전

    The amount of coffee in that French press 😳

  • Jesi Achord
    Jesi Achord 12 일 전 +1

    I love how I was thinking this seemed like a date and the comments were all about how it seems like a date Lmao

  • Rachel Dsouza
    Rachel Dsouza 12 일 전

    She reminds me of and sounds like Dr. Murphys girlfriend from the good doctor

  • NovaLee
    NovaLee 13 일 전

    Please do this for tea

  • Ben Singleton
    Ben Singleton 13 일 전

    Am I the only person who attempted to make French press coffee with the 1:4 ratio?

  • KT Hrwd
    KT Hrwd 16 일 전

    With the french press it’s better to put enough hot water to just cover the coffee and let it bloom, THEN add the remainder of the water.

  • ashley chavarria
    ashley chavarria 18 일 전

    2:45 hmmm how doooo you feel about kosher salt?

  • Buchanan Winchester
    Buchanan Winchester 19 일 전

    honestly i'm watching for the chemistry more than the learning at this point

  • Mashmarriner
    Mashmarriner 19 일 전

    Fuck me. Americans and their coffee. Here in the UK most of us just use an instant coffee. So fucking easy.

  • Chris Estabon
    Chris Estabon 24 일 전

    I have never tasted chocolate or caramel or fruit in coffee. I think y’all are imagining

  • Justin Newell
    Justin Newell 25 일 전

    Aeropress 4 LYFE 🤘

  • Putthatinur Pipe
    Putthatinur Pipe 26 일 전

    Haha That narrow debt of field can play tricks on you. Number one reason to have a big monitor ;)

  • Darth Fulcrum
    Darth Fulcrum 27 일 전 +4

    “Who in the HELL?!”
    Made my day lol

  • Troy Redinger
    Troy Redinger 27 일 전

    Dude better smashed that

  • Not 670
    Not 670 27 일 전

    3:06 I wonder what she wants to do after this episode...

  • Ham The Enlisted
    Ham The Enlisted 27 일 전

    I love how babish has all these fancy grinders but still uses everyday gadgets for the fans.

  • The Rageaholic
    The Rageaholic 28 일 전

    This video makes me wonder why Coffee is the only socially acceptable addiction...

  • 100 Smiles Per Hour
    100 Smiles Per Hour 28 일 전 +1

    6:31 oh my God

  • RemX405
    RemX405 28 일 전 +2

    This whole thing feels romantic.

  • M9z
    M9z 28 일 전

    3:06 accurate representation of my nightly fap, time to completion is accurate as well.

  • M9z
    M9z 28 일 전

    I'd like to show you a morning adventure, we can... Touch our beards together, MOIST.

  • don't care
    don't care 28 일 전

    I honestly could care less if i get coffee for a buck at thr local store. Coffee is coffee, it serves a purpose but I'm not a snob about it. I just need a pick me up idc what brand it is.

  • slimydick23
    slimydick23 28 일 전

    Erica's really good looking. I just wish she didn't have gang tattoos up her forearms.

  • Mizo Book Club
    Mizo Book Club 29 일 전 +1

    This is Chemistry

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 29 일 전 +1

    so i know this was absolutely not intended by favorite basic was posted on my birthday

  • Michael Blackson
    Michael Blackson 29 일 전 +1

    Sees a youtuber with an opposite gender
    KRclip comments: S H I P

  • Jesse Newell
    Jesse Newell 29 일 전 +2

    the anger in babishes voice when he was interrupted from making coffee with his fwiend

  • 7 Blink
    7 Blink 29 일 전

    I cringed at the French press

  • gedion4000
    gedion4000 29 일 전 +2

    Well, she seems fun.

  • Micheal Laurin
    Micheal Laurin 29 일 전

    Coffee Brewing sounds like a good Hobby. Alongside Baking and other cooking hobby's.

  • Momchil Karchev
    Momchil Karchev 개월 전 +4

    You forgor chapter: real coffee where you make a damn espresso, enough of this gym sock wash water you call coffee...

  • Morgan Crabtree
    Morgan Crabtree 개월 전

    Is that the coffee twerk?

  • Ser Garlan Tyrell
    Ser Garlan Tyrell 개월 전 +2

    There IS a wrong way to make coffee (especially if you're making it FOR someone):
    F***ing instant coffee...

  • Shubham Agarwal
    Shubham Agarwal 개월 전

    Tea is best

  • Treefarm
    Treefarm 개월 전

    Water is measured in millilitres, not grams, but 1ml weighs 1g, so it's ok.

    • Jack Francis
      Jack Francis 25 일 전

      Dosing by mass is more accurate technically, and much, much easier to use with coffee than volumetric dosing.

  • Mo 2k
    Mo 2k 개월 전 +1

    I’ll just use instant because I’m not a retarded yuppie and I know this shit is just sour red bull

  • Tom Kearns
    Tom Kearns 개월 전

    When can you get Erica back on?

    • Tom Kearns
      Tom Kearns 개월 전

      My bad, should of waited another 30secs. Erika


    Add a rigorous amount of silliness, a 1/4 cup of sexual tension, tiny wisk together and let sit to let those flavors get to know eachother.

  • John Arnestus
    John Arnestus 개월 전

    Banging with Babish

  • Guest
    Guest 개월 전

    3:06 Gulp....

  • Wolf Hreda
    Wolf Hreda 개월 전

    This woman has my dream job.

  • Joseph Loden
    Joseph Loden 개월 전

    Definitely want to wet it first...... tossed salad and scrambled eggs...

  • Esteban Labbé
    Esteban Labbé 개월 전 +1

    4:04 LOOOOOL

  • Médydy elice
    Médydy elice 개월 전

    Nope she is not the one ! Jess is the one !

  • push pash
    push pash 개월 전 +7

    "So it's not necessarily that we did something wrong, it's more that we can bring out different characteristics from the coffee by treating it differently."
    Just like a woman..

  • D’Juan Juanson
    D’Juan Juanson 개월 전

    What kind of scale are y’all using?

  • Justin Ammerman
    Justin Ammerman 개월 전 +3

    This is the best episode of Frasier I’ve ever seen.