I Bought The First 5 Things Snapchat Recommended To Me

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  • 게시일 2017. 08. 18.
  • I bought the first 5 things Snapchat recommended to me! I did an ad haul with Facebook, Instagram, and KRclip and you guys wanted to see more so I did it again with Snapchat! I wanted to try out some of the things from the Snapchat ads I could find in lenses, filters, and stories, so I bought some to see how they were, and then I did a massive Snapchat haul, with geofilters, Adidas shoes, Victoria’s Secret bras, energy drinks, and shampoo … apparently Snapchat thinks I need a new bra, lol.
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    Mind The Gap
    Velvet Jacket
    Funk Bandits
    Tiger Balm
    Funk Master
    Butternut Squash Jam
    Bing Bang Bong
    Hot Sole
    Captain Of Love
    You Can Dance
    Morning Good Morning
    Daddy Cool
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  년 전 +7662

    hello friends! HAPPY FRIDAY! here is another internet haul for your ~viewing pleasure~, hehe. what should the next one be?? love, saf

  • Devin Erbaugh
    Devin Erbaugh 8 시간 전 +1

    My birthday is a day after crustys!!!🐱😂

  • 丂アノ尺ノイ ·· ズムWムノノ

    I have never liked many vloggers..they just didnt give me happiness or enjoyment to watch them.. But when I watch Safiya I know that she brightens my day when I'm feeling sad, and that she was the 1st vlogger(or person) I subscribed to and enjoyed.. Especially the "trying wish(or other online clothes shops) haul"
    I just wanted to say that Safiya your awesome! You will always be my Number #1 KRclipr!

  • Salam Almahi
    Salam Almahi 일 전

    Crusty is a LEO 🙌🏼 like mee

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager 2 일 전

    My b day is aug 13 too

  • Panic! On The Planes x

    Turns out I have the same birthday as crusty

    ZOE QUASTEL 4 일 전

    My sister has flat FEET!💗👠
    Btw love you saf!🚺💗

  • Jiayi Liu
    Jiayi Liu 4 일 전 +7

    *applies conditioner*
    "Oh it feels like conditioner!"
    I wonder why.

  • Jillian Hall
    Jillian Hall 5 일 전

    if you use a computer when you make the geofilter you can add images from ur desktop

  • Crystal204
    Crystal204 5 일 전

    I actually didn’t realize that Saf was using her ‘new’ intro song

  • Ashleigh Sanford
    Ashleigh Sanford 6 일 전

    Crusty and I have the same birthday 😂 I feel honored

  • Jüïçë Böx
    Jüïçë Böx 8 일 전 +1

    *starts choking* Is thAt oLivEr tReE Holy shit

  • Erika Sibbach
    Erika Sibbach 9 일 전

    im watching in 2019 and as soon as she opened snapchat and i was like WAIT A SECOND!

  • Macy Singleton
    Macy Singleton 9 일 전

    My birthday is August 13

  • Danielle Nicholle
    Danielle Nicholle 10 일 전

    Classic guy move: saying "I don't like this very much" about food/drink but also finishing it

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 13 일 전

    7:02 Oliver tree

  • Eclypsa Queen
    Eclypsa Queen 13 일 전

    I love your videos 🤗

  • Tayla Shorters
    Tayla Shorters 13 일 전

    Wait...no hate but is she saying Adidas wrong

    • Burtasaurus Rex
      Burtasaurus Rex 6 일 전

      I don't think so? That's the only way I've ever heard it said.

  • x미나
    x미나 13 일 전

    omg I relate to u saying ur feet are quiet long so they tend to look like flippers ToT I screamed ‘cause same

  • Madeleine F
    Madeleine F 13 일 전

    Suck my toe at a 13-degree angle

  • That one girl Megan
    That one girl Megan 14 일 전

    august 13 is my sisters bday

  • Dana Slepoy
    Dana Slepoy 14 일 전

    Happy Birthday Crusty😂❤️

  • Kaytlin Reed
    Kaytlin Reed 14 일 전

    7:03 I hate Oliver tree 💀

  • Emily Gronskei
    Emily Gronskei 17 일 전

    I'm watching this video clearly a few years late lol but I think it is so funny and awesome that crusty and I share August 13th as our birthday

  • Ainsley Zirkle
    Ainsley Zirkle 18 일 전

    Crusty looks SO much like Dolly(my cat)

  • XxPink_ LoverxX
    XxPink_ LoverxX 18 일 전

    imagine she was sponsored by Adidas then they see her Puma socks xD
    Don't hate me pls

  • Jasmine Love
    Jasmine Love 18 일 전

    Saf I wear a size 13 so I'm flippers you are more sandal!! I love your channel and I can not wait until I see you and Tye's wedding!!! Love you guys!

  • Fallon Gerks
    Fallon Gerks 19 일 전

    You don’t like the refresher because it is mixed with sparkling water

  • Ojal Telang
    Ojal Telang 19 일 전

    August 13 is my birthday 😁

  • geeta manocha
    geeta manocha 19 일 전

    Omg no hate
    But 11:40 you really need to shave your hands

    Btw lv u

    • Burtasaurus Rex
      Burtasaurus Rex 6 일 전 +1

      Do you mean her arms? And no, she doesn't. Hair doesn't hurt anyone. Are you dating her? Do you know her personally? If arm hair on a stranger in a video bothers you, that's something you need to fix.

  • Stoicho entertainments

    When they decided to enhance the cat’s birthday just because of the 6.99$ they had to spend on the filter and celebrate it like it’s actually a thing 😂😂😂

  • Marlyn Gutierrez
    Marlyn Gutierrez 20 일 전

    I love Crusty so much

  • Follow me on Instagram at rachael11_reed

    Crustys b day is two days after mine

  • Derpy Pusheen
    Derpy Pusheen 20 일 전 +6

    On that intro, who else hears "This is Safiya's, nia, intro soooooong."?

  • flower princess
    flower princess 21 일 전

    I love how crusty is like there son its so cute some people don't do that to some people its on animal

  • Rose Granger-Weasley

    August 13th is my mom's birthday and did you know that August 13th is the international left hand day. Also sweet sixteen Crusty. And that means she is going to be 18 this year.

  • Natalie Driscoll
    Natalie Driscoll 21 일 전

    your pants are from old navy

  • Wiktoria Bulak
    Wiktoria Bulak 21 일 전 +5

    Snapchat: Geofiltera are perfect for any occasion!

    Me: Wat about a funeral thats not a good occasion

  • ali beard
    ali beard 21 일 전

    August 13th is my birthday

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn 24 일 전 +1

    Crusty's birthday is 2 days before mine (ノ^o^)ノ

  • magicpony 45
    magicpony 45 25 일 전

    He [Crusty] can't read so he does not know that the cake is not for him
    It might be his birthday too but the chance of that is slim

  • Charzie S
    Charzie S 26 일 전 +1

    Damn your outfit looking fine today gurl!!!!

  • Ella Walsh
    Ella Walsh 26 일 전

    She filmed this on my birthday!! ❤️

  • -Taro ガチャ
    -Taro ガチャ 28 일 전

    Crusty’s fricken older than me by 7 years, and 3 days. Dang it Crusty.

  • Mimi Dalton
    Mimi Dalton 28 일 전

    My birthday is the 14th of agust

  • Christina Rea
    Christina Rea 29 일 전

    Awww Crusty and I share a birthday :’)

  • Abey Bissonnette
    Abey Bissonnette 29 일 전

    13:01 hahaha Tyler OMG

  • delilah ballard
    delilah ballard 개월 전

    anybody here in 2019???

  • Amy Elliott
    Amy Elliott 개월 전

    crusty's bday is my bday wow

  • GabyDaCookieQueen
    GabyDaCookieQueen 개월 전 +1

    August 13??? I know someone who is also August 13!!

  • Ema,Elena Karanovic
    Ema,Elena Karanovic 개월 전

    Omggggg my bday is on 13.8😂😍

  • Rue Miracle
    Rue Miracle 개월 전

    3 more months until Crusty's birthday

  • Natalie Zaki
    Natalie Zaki 개월 전

    *OMG SAFIYA i had no idea you had flat feet!! i have them and i hate it so much i had to get custom orthotics and my mom is going to pick them up soon. (They were 500 dollars) ahhh*

  • anaelsuissa 16
    anaelsuissa 16 개월 전

    I was so happy when I saw Shawn Mendes 😍

  • Emma Marshall
    Emma Marshall 개월 전

    Wait you’re brunette? Hahaha

    • Emma Marshall
      Emma Marshall 개월 전

      And how did you get a candle so close to your cat?

  • Glam Gaming
    Glam Gaming 개월 전


  • Awkward Gachas
    Awkward Gachas 개월 전

    Omg the August 13th is my moms bday weird

  • YOitsNat
    YOitsNat 개월 전

    Lol I just discovered oliver tree and I can't believe he's still wearing the same tracksuit 2 years later

  • Stacey Potter
    Stacey Potter 개월 전

    I just realized I'm only 10 days older than you! :D

  • VannaB2010
    VannaB2010 개월 전

    Omg love how you assigned Crusty MY birthday! Now we have the same birthdays! 😍

  • Amie Parham
    Amie Parham 개월 전

    It kind of feels like a good excuse to buy things you probably would buy anyways. :P

  • Ky W
    Ky W 개월 전 +9

    A geofilter for you and Tyler’s wedding would be kind of extra but really cool :)

  • Lucy Creates
    Lucy Creates 개월 전


  • Madeline Jane S
    Madeline Jane S 개월 전

    i love looking at the names of the songs in the video “butternut squash jam” and “bing bang bong” r my favs

  • Family Critchfield
    Family Critchfield 개월 전

    I scrolled down to the comments while an ad was playing before the video, the top comment was: Ooohhh Safiya's new intro sonngggg!! I instantly wanted to listen to it

  • Lemon girl •_•
    Lemon girl •_• 개월 전

    If your a boy WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE

  • Bradlee Valandra
    Bradlee Valandra 개월 전

    you can make stickers of images to search with the scissors!

  • Nikita Boston
    Nikita Boston 개월 전 +3

    verrryyy late to this but you can import your own images if you make a Snapchat filter on their website :)

  • love love
    love love 개월 전

    im pretty sure cats are allergic to shrimp

  • Irene Tsimos
    Irene Tsimos 개월 전

    Liked this video cause of the adorable Crusty bday party. Such a cute family unit hahaha. Also I love my rescue kitty too and we picked her bday as her adoption day.

  • rawr roar
    rawr roar 개월 전

    I use the shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair and it's the only one I use, if I use anything else I have bad hair days

  • hailey grey
    hailey grey 개월 전 +1

    The John Frieda brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner was at the dollar tree

  • Kayleen Senniah
    Kayleen Senniah 개월 전

    It's not adidis it is ad di das

  • Artemis Wilson
    Artemis Wilson 개월 전

    I wonder if she used all that shampoo

  • саша король

    This one already didnt work unfortunately.. I found one working so good for followers _SNAPFREE . TK_( without spaces)

  • Kim Medina
    Kim Medina 개월 전

    They harmonize reallyyyy well 😱💛

  • Jasmin Ramirez
    Jasmin Ramirez 개월 전

    Aww your a 34A, I'm a 34A too

  • aeris hobbs
    aeris hobbs 개월 전 +2


  • Natalie Leder
    Natalie Leder 개월 전

    Can u do this but go onto buzzfeed a pick the first 5 adds u see

  • Gacha Cookie Cookie
    Gacha Cookie Cookie 개월 전

    hii is just wanna let everyone know dont waste your money on the snapchat thing because you can make one of them realy easle and its free you just have to do it the same you did you i don't think you should realy waste your money on it. (not hate)

  • Alli Kelly
    Alli Kelly 개월 전 +2

    Omg crusty and I have the same bday

  • Ebony Stapleton
    Ebony Stapleton 개월 전

    Damn Tyler can sing!! 13:47

  • Mocha Gacha
    Mocha Gacha 개월 전

    My Adidas superstar shoes are my love at first sight

  • It’s Ella obvi
    It’s Ella obvi 개월 전

    You should do tic tock ads

  • Parmida Sharghi
    Parmida Sharghi 개월 전

    When crustys bday is better than mine

  • Izzie Benjamin
    Izzie Benjamin 개월 전

    *That harmony in happy birthday thoughhhhhh*

  • Mina Chung
    Mina Chung 개월 전

    Buys addidas shoes then wears puma socks

  • Faye Mason
    Faye Mason 개월 전

    OMG I HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS CRUSTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱🤩

  • Gacha_ Queen girl
    Gacha_ Queen girl 개월 전

    Lol u used the into song from fiver!XD

  • Sachi _905
    Sachi _905 개월 전

    I screamed when see someone and hear aftertaste then you say is that Shawn Mendes ? WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • Mossears133
    Mossears133 2 개월 전

    Every time she mentions her bra (band) size I’m just baffled by how she can be so tall & have such a small torso 😭💖

  • Neha Rai
    Neha Rai 2 개월 전

    I love your intro song 💓

  • Katie Stover-Ilg
    Katie Stover-Ilg 2 개월 전

    why did you blur Oliver Tree's face?

  • paige hunt
    paige hunt 2 개월 전

    Ok. I just found you, and I love your videos. So not trying to be rude at all, because I will continue to watch. You’re videos are entertaining and interesting. But I’m on some, like this one, you’re monotone and boring. Like I said, not rude, you’re beautiful, and more often than not, your videos are captivating. Keep up what you’re doing!!!!

  • Aisha
    Aisha 2 개월 전 +1

    Imagine buying the Starbucks refresher online and the shipping costing more than the product 😅

  • madzzzzzzzize
    madzzzzzzzize 2 개월 전


  • sheva mae villanueva
    sheva mae villanueva 2 개월 전

    oh well, happy birthday crusty 💕😂

  • marz barz
    marz barz 2 개월 전

    Why does she say ADIdas instead of a - d - a - d - a - s ?

  • Carol Conway
    Carol Conway 2 개월 전

    it a-di-das

  • April Artist
    April Artist 2 개월 전

    Saf&Tyler's singing tho!👌👌👌👌👌👌👌