I Let My Subscribers Pick My Hair Color

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  • 게시일 2018. 04. 04.
  • I've never dyed my hair before, so I decided to take the plunge...and as a thank you for 4 million subscribers, I wanted to let you guys help me out with my hair makeover! So I had you vote on Twitter and on KRclip, and then went to a salon and had my hair dyed the ~mystery~ color!
    A big thank you once again to Natalie, you can find her here!!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  년 전 +12940

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i finally followed through on my promise and dyed my hair!! what do you think? what should i do with it next? should tyler get a perm? xoxo, saf EDIT: wait until the end to see footage of my hair after it faded a bit! and check my insta for a new hair check in :)

  • Melissa Vlogs
    Melissa Vlogs 11 시간 전 +3

    I’m waiting for Tyler’s perm. He at 1,000,000 subs

  • Health is not my Alley
    Health is not my Alley 12 시간 전 +1

    7:25 ! When Tyler hit 1 million followers he should get “ Meet me at McDonald’s” well he is on 1 mil now! Tyler meet Saf at McDonald’s!

  • Míra Tolnai
    Míra Tolnai 12 시간 전 +1

    I see that ur hair is not virging, bc the ends of it is orange-ish and i saw a vid of you and tyler designing each others hair.

  • Swagsteroo
    Swagsteroo 일 전

    I was so disappointed her hair would look soooo much better with lavender her hair looks the same with grey

  • Luīze Rozentāle

    Tyler has 1M subs

  • Anna Long
    Anna Long 일 전

    But, I'm a Gryffindor 😞

  • mystery girl
    mystery girl 일 전

    I'm a Ravenclaw I was hoping for blue but silver is also one of our colors while we might share it with Slytherin it is still ours! #wheremyRavenclawsat!!!

  • purple mushroom
    purple mushroom 3 일 전 +1

    I would dye my hair my house color, but I dont think I can pull off green hair.

    GRASSIE TUBER 3 일 전 +1

    U notice how all the hair picture are curly

  • Rebecca Norval
    Rebecca Norval 3 일 전

    HOW THE HELL DID SHE GROW HER HAIR THAT LONG IN 10 MONTHS!!! That literally would’ve taken me forever

  • Preena Patel
    Preena Patel 3 일 전 +2

    I mean
    The hair looks pretty and all but Saf herself couldn’t recognize the color after turning. Maybe a different gray? Bcz this one didn’t have a dramatic impact on her hair

  • HarryPotterforlife
    HarryPotterforlife 3 일 전 +1

    Did anyone see the one big pile ad? I’m so confused

  • Cat the Slytherin
    Cat the Slytherin 3 일 전

    9:51 HEY!!!!! But tbh it's true, I am a slytherin as you can tell

  • Emily Plummer
    Emily Plummer 4 일 전 +1

    I kinda wish blue won

  • Stephanie Marton
    Stephanie Marton 5 일 전


  • Emma Lewkovitz
    Emma Lewkovitz 5 일 전

    I said this to dye ur hair i love u thank u so much

  • Petra Lynn
    Petra Lynn 6 일 전 +1

    Tyler didn’t get the perm when he hit 1 million 😢

  • Dianne Grace Juanillo
    Dianne Grace Juanillo 6 일 전 +2

    We need tyler to get his hair permed! We're at 1M subs!!!!

  • Desandi BTS
    Desandi BTS 7 일 전

    WHERE IS THE PERM TYLER?????????????

  • Ela Anything
    Ela Anything 7 일 전 +1

    I like your hair when it’s long rather then short 😂😂

  • Humaira Khan
    Humaira Khan 7 일 전

    I was so excited for it but it turns out to be lyk nothing happened.. I couldn't see any change there😐

  • Cursed Moonstone
    Cursed Moonstone 8 일 전 +1

    Tyler hit 1,000,000. Where is the meet me at Mcdonalds hair?!

  • Rhea Bhatia
    Rhea Bhatia 8 일 전 +2


  • Molly Harms
    Molly Harms 8 일 전 +11

    "Gonna hate if we get 5 million subs and she gets a tattoo"
    "Hahahha yeah lol as if"

    Well.... Damn. This is awkward.

  • Whycruelworld
    Whycruelworld 9 일 전

    My name is Abigail and I looked around to see if someone had called my name

  • •{ Ruby Rose }•


  • Jayesh Malhotra
    Jayesh Malhotra 9 일 전

    I am disappointed I expected the blue ombre the grey ombre was nice but I expected The Blue ombre

  • Simply. Meggie
    Simply. Meggie 10 일 전

    Tyler hit 1 million. I’m happy

  • Seren the singwr
    Seren the singwr 10 일 전

    I'm getting the ends of my hair pink on the 19th of July I'm really excited cause I've never dyed my hair in all my 9 years of my life

  • Lakesha Gamble
    Lakesha Gamble 10 일 전

    How was escape the night?

  • Gamingwith Queen_Bailey

    I dyed my hair, well my mom did and it turned out awesome

  • paige miller
    paige miller 11 일 전 +1

    Tyler has 1 million so now it's time for meet me at Mcdonalds

  • Brie The Princess
    Brie The Princess 12 일 전

    10:43 what color ? Lol did she even do anything..

  • Darkly M
    Darkly M 12 일 전 +1

    Well Tyler better get that haircut since his channel hit 1M subs

  • Beth C.
    Beth C. 12 일 전

    I wish she did the lavender

  • Universal Unicorn Slimes

    From 8:49 to 8:52 I was living for the sound of music 🎶 reference

  • owo tpose
    owo tpose 14 일 전

    Safiya, oh no, you hit 8million subs, whats gonna happen now

  • Caitlin Albertyn
    Caitlin Albertyn 15 일 전

    Going back to this video people are really mad at the end result even though it was the most voted option, it faded into a lighter grey, saf preferred the darker grey anyway, and she only kept it for like five weeks. Wow

  • Stikbot Stuideo
    Stikbot Stuideo 16 일 전

    Yes, “4 million”

  • Anna Digges
    Anna Digges 17 일 전

    When she doubles her subscribers in one year

  • Mylie Trapani
    Mylie Trapani 17 일 전

    0:20 is little Saf

  • Khamani Richardson
    Khamani Richardson 18 일 전 +1

    Tyler hit 1mil wheres the perm?

  • Mia Nai
    Mia Nai 18 일 전

    Little mix 😍😍

  • Kilah Barera
    Kilah Barera 19 일 전


  • Ellinor Yifrah
    Ellinor Yifrah 19 일 전

    Congrats on 8mill

  • Annie
    Annie 20 일 전 +1

    You're almost at 10 mil....whatcha gonna do next?

  • Taj Kader
    Taj Kader 20 일 전

    "I've gotten really long hair"
    Bish wah

  • BuizelVlogs
    BuizelVlogs 20 일 전 +3

    Safiya : Thant you so much Natalie this is GRAYt

  • Jelly Beans
    Jelly Beans 23 일 전

    Tyler’s at 1mil when is the perm happening? Lol

  • callieforniamusic
    callieforniamusic 23 일 전

    Tyler’s channel has hit 1M. Let’s spam his latest video so he gets his perm!!!!!

  • Ngoc Tu
    Ngoc Tu 23 일 전

    I dye my hair 7 time and I'm a 6 grader

  • Savanna Jo Belle
    Savanna Jo Belle 23 일 전

    Tyler is at 1 million! He needs to do the perm!

  • Kailey Hamilton
    Kailey Hamilton 23 일 전

    He's at 1,000,000 subs

  • Gemma Enriquez
    Gemma Enriquez 24 일 전 +2

    Hey safiya... tyler JUST hut one million subscribers

  • Rose Rider
    Rose Rider 24 일 전


  • desiree hernandez
    desiree hernandez 24 일 전

    Is it me or I couldn't see the gray

  • AnikaPlays
    AnikaPlays 24 일 전

    Does my hair six times this time I went hot pink on my full head I’m twelve yet this is your first time

  • justme _ angie
    justme _ angie 25 일 전

    Legends say Tyler never got the “meet me at McDonald’s”.

  • Magdalena Aver
    Magdalena Aver 25 일 전

    Lol my brother has meet me at McDonald’s hair but it isn’t permed, it is just natural 😂

  • Aaishah :D
    Aaishah :D 26 일 전 +1

    I can’t see the color and I don’t really like it I thought lavender would look better and gray color isn’t really vibrant and I don’t like it as much but okay/

  • Sonia Piroso
    Sonia Piroso 26 일 전

    Is anyone going to talk about how Safiya knows Jade Thirlwall from little mix? I absolutely LOVE little mix.

  • Sonia Sall
    Sonia Sall 26 일 전

    Her hair grey hair there I save you 12 minutes your welcome

  • Sonia Sall
    Sonia Sall 26 일 전


  • Breanna Busch
    Breanna Busch 26 일 전


  • Jexsamin Ramirez
    Jexsamin Ramirez 27 일 전

    I'm guessing it's gray it LOOKS gray

  • kyeopzz
    kyeopzz 28 일 전

    welp never going there, lol looks like nothing happened

  • ahmed ali
    ahmed ali 28 일 전

    She's hot 7 million now

  • Olivia Groh
    Olivia Groh 28 일 전

    Baloge (ba-Loghe)

  • Angela Dove
    Angela Dove 29 일 전

    I reallllly wanted a blue or a purple I don't know people wanted a boring grey color or the blonde one I dont like the color of the hair sorry I just wanted to see some crazy color on your head