I Bought The First 5 Things Insta Celebs Recommended To Me

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  • 게시일 2017. 12. 17.
  • I've always wondered what the products were like from Instagram celebrities' sponsored posts - so I decided to take on the Fit Teas, Sugar Bear Hairs, and Waist Trainers and buy the first 5 things that Instagram celebrities recommended! I browsed the feeds of Kardashians, Jenners, and Bachelorettes, and found 5 sponsored posts to buy products from, and then tried them out for an entire month! What did you guys think of these products?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  년 전 +16114

    HELLO BBs! this one took a ~while~ to be birthed, but I finally got through all of the products! would you try any of these?
    EDIT: also don't click on anything a fake "safiya nygaard" account asks you to click on!!! its spam!

  • blackmarya
    blackmarya 7 시간 전

    Yeah anything that claims to be a diet tea just makes you poop the weight out 💩

  • Peace Love Livi!
    Peace Love Livi! 13 시간 전

    I got an ad for FabFitFun during this video!!!🤣🤣

  • seham aga
    seham aga 18 시간 전

    safiya how long did it take u to make that wheel

  • Allyson Wu
    Allyson Wu 18 시간 전 +1

    I think her before lashes looked better

  • Baggy Gaby
    Baggy Gaby 23 시간 전

    Her hair looks a lot thinner, shinier, softer, and longer after gummies

  • Shannon123 123
    Shannon123 123 일 전

    My mum was watching teen mum on the tv when I watched this 😂😂

  • Saiek Mahmud Khan

    That poncho looked like a lungi

  • andie brooks
    andie brooks 일 전 +1

    Anyone watching when the James Charles scandal broke out about sugar bear hair?

  • Brooklynn Butterfield

    I gotta be honest, the sugerbearhair vitamins kinda did make her hair look better. It seemed less tangled and less frizzy. Just me?

  • Aaisha Hassan
    Aaisha Hassan 일 전

    safiya: I'd say the products were sort of *hit or miss*
    me: I guess they never miss huh

  • RoRo. Rainy
    RoRo. Rainy 일 전


  • Chloe Wardman
    Chloe Wardman 일 전

    Saf got ripped of with the pegasus thing! Her lashes were shorter on day 30! Does anyone agree?

  • Mel
    Mel 2 일 전 +1

    tyler: "apparently fab fit fun remembers"
    safiya: *smiles then realizes what he said* 😳
    safiya is like the only KRclipr I enjoy watching and have not gotten tired of, her content is always great

  • Hannah Noel
    Hannah Noel 2 일 전

    Pause at 1:56

  • camriley666
    camriley666 2 일 전 +1

    The only one of these that I watch is the barkchler

  • Em
    Em 2 일 전 +2

    Sugar bear hair 👀
    🤣sorry I'm binge watching videos I haven't watched yet🤣

  • Willow Wisp
    Willow Wisp 3 일 전

    oh goodness Saf don't drink the laxative tea...

  • Allison Stiles
    Allison Stiles 4 일 전

    The teeth thing really surprised with how well it worked

  • DD_Pearl Love
    DD_Pearl Love 4 일 전

    God is a pencil
    Someone else is a highlighter
    God drew the world
    Someone else made it brighter.
    Then Saf made it darker.
    Oh wait.
    That is just my bedroom
    It's almost 2:00 am...
    I've been watching these vids all night...
    I think I have a problem...

  • lucidking07
    lucidking07 4 일 전

    "TEATOX coming at you with the slow verse"

  • Maisie Davidson
    Maisie Davidson 5 일 전 +6

    2017=sugar bear hair a product
    2019=a Tati James Charles oooooof

  • olivia lafleur
    olivia lafleur 5 일 전 +1

    me watching this after james charles scandal about sugar bear hair 👀

  • Abigail Silvester
    Abigail Silvester 5 일 전

    I'm actually not 17

    I'm 9

  • FluffyPony 8989
    FluffyPony 8989 6 일 전 +2

    sugarbearhair...reminds me of something.......................

  • Kristen Chavez
    Kristen Chavez 6 일 전 +3

    Her lashes looked shorter after....

  • Luna Emeraldwall
    Luna Emeraldwall 6 일 전

    When you realise the spinner had a saf in the middle

  • XxGachaCatxX
    XxGachaCatxX 7 일 전

    Well I have gum that I use tastes good,normal gum made my teeth whiter and I use them now I would get those to be honest

  • Elijah Coomes
    Elijah Coomes 7 일 전

    Your after eyelashes looks like they got shorter

  • Kacey Urie
    Kacey Urie 7 일 전 +1

    sugarbearhair is officially canceled...

  • Zoja Dulny
    Zoja Dulny 7 일 전

    7:36 I swear she said provesco

  • maci dowden
    maci dowden 7 일 전

    My name is Maci

  • paravh
    paravh 8 일 전

    Hmmmm.... Does Anybody else sponsor Sugar Bear Hair on Instagram? #sistershady

  • Sofia Gonzalez
    Sofia Gonzalez 8 일 전

    Our hair looks shinier on day 30 to be honest

  • Alita Crosson
    Alita Crosson 8 일 전 +40

    Who’s watching after the whole thing with Tati and James?☠️

    • Alita Crosson
      Alita Crosson 일 전

      Mockingjay USA just don’t go near it they both don’t want to bring it up anymore

    • Mockingjay USA
      Mockingjay USA 일 전

      What happened with them?

    • Amateur Anwiwa
      Amateur Anwiwa 일 전

      Alita Crosson literally everyone dude.

  • mychemicalpilotsatthefalloutdisco 123

    Anyone hear after the James Charles and tati tea?? Sugar bear hair??????? Excuse me????

    • Mm Mm
      Mm Mm 일 전

      +FullMetal Productions Or just go to the drugstore and buy vitamins at a less inflated price, lmao

    • FullMetal Productions
      FullMetal Productions 7 일 전

      mychemicalpilotsatthefalloutdisco 123 if she really wanted good vitamins she should ask Tati

  • Arussi Unda
    Arussi Unda 9 일 전

    Your hair definitely looks brighter and healthier after the gummy bears or is it just me?

  • Johanna Olson
    Johanna Olson 9 일 전 +1

    10:29 why is your hand black??

  • daffodil
    daffodil 9 일 전 +4

    *Tati has left the chat.*

  • Tara Dremelj
    Tara Dremelj 9 일 전 +1

    Is it just me, or do her lashes look better before..... I love your videos Saf! Say hi to Tyler!

  • Kristi Pollard
    Kristi Pollard 9 일 전

    I like the hair one best. And the flat belly one

  • Hilarious animal clips

    I feel like her lashes were better before

  • Just a small town bicycle

    That intro will never get old

  • jkhorshid ali
    jkhorshid ali 9 일 전

    I want the kloe Kardashians gummy but I can’t get it because my mom doesn’t let me

  • Shy Animation
    Shy Animation 9 일 전

    Goth no no no Safiya stile

  • Alina Petty
    Alina Petty 9 일 전

    16:37 *i guess they never miss*

  • Pori
    Pori 9 일 전

    Your eyelashes after the treatment look shorter 😞

  • Pori
    Pori 9 일 전 +1

    Tati has left the chat

  • She Nose
    She Nose 10 일 전

    I want flat belly

  • lauren mcmillan
    lauren mcmillan 10 일 전

    Question, can u put milk in the tea toks

  • HH Tea
    HH Tea 10 일 전

    OMG!!! The lash one before looked so great but the one after looked like you took a tweezer and plunked everything out

  • Zoe The burnt chicken nugget

    Sugar bear hair = James Charles Scandalus

  • Esther RCO
    Esther RCO 10 일 전

    I find it really funny how I got a fab fit fun box ad on this video... it may be fate : )

  • Autumn wasmund
    Autumn wasmund 11 일 전 +2

    Is knowone going to that she said camoMILE not camomile

  • Melissa Jackson
    Melissa Jackson 11 일 전

    you should have checked how fast your hair grows without the sugarbears and then with

  • Ellie parker
    Ellie parker 11 일 전

    Get pegafied

  • Cats and Broadway
    Cats and Broadway 11 일 전

    Maybe by pegified they may have meant doesn’t work🤷🏼‍♀️😂💕

  • Josie Smith
    Josie Smith 12 일 전 +5

    I just ate half a bag of malteasers.

    *no regrets*

  • Eva Fiskeman
    Eva Fiskeman 13 일 전

    you cannot get a flat belly, you have intestans

  • Luīze Suveizda
    Luīze Suveizda 14 일 전

    You need to wax your hands

  • Diamond Rainbowz
    Diamond Rainbowz 14 일 전

    The ad I got before this, was a Fab Fit Fun box

  • Andrea Vuleta
    Andrea Vuleta 14 일 전

    Your hair looks shinier

  • IhaveNothingToSayToYou StopLookingAtMyFace

    You need way more subs!!

  • Zoey Snead
    Zoey Snead 16 일 전

    I got the aloe socks and had to go the the hospital cos it didn’t say there was aloe in them

  • Devangi Dave
    Devangi Dave 16 일 전

    Cristine should get her fair share of tea!

  • She Wolf
    She Wolf 17 일 전

    Literally right before this vid I got an fab fit fun ad

  • XOXavaXOX
    XOXavaXOX 17 일 전 +1

    Jersey shore...I thought it was from Jordie Shore 😂

  • Sam
    Sam 18 일 전


  • Chocolate Muffin
    Chocolate Muffin 18 일 전

    Using different lighting to photograph your teeth... do you think we are idiots?

  • Shir Efrati
    Shir Efrati 18 일 전

    Btw Ahava means love in hebrew

  • Peyton Walker
    Peyton Walker 18 일 전 +1

    You’re hair looked cleaner

  • Katie Amigh
    Katie Amigh 19 일 전 +427

    Safiya said Sugar bear hair tastes like lemon drops. Dumbledore said his favorite candy is lemon drops. Dumbledore has very long hair. I'm shook

    • Rabbit
      Rabbit 31 분 전


    • Bea Herreman
      Bea Herreman 6 일 전


    • leen
      leen 9 일 전 +3

      Katie Amigh *shoves 82926397228 lemon drops down my throat*

    • katarzyna jadzinska
      katarzyna jadzinska 9 일 전 +4

      Aren't dumbledores favourite sweets sherbet lemons or are they the same thing?

    • Katie Amigh
      Katie Amigh 9 일 전 +2

      +An Average Person 😂

  • Sofia Kalampoukas
    Sofia Kalampoukas 19 일 전

    Safiya looks so young with long hair idk why

  • Winterlove3000 English

    Wait Kate Somerville is a teacher at my school oh my gosh

  • CuteCrystalGacha YT
    CuteCrystalGacha YT 19 일 전


  • Addison Steele
    Addison Steele 19 일 전

    Darn. I just was cured of constipation.

  • LivK Day2Day
    LivK Day2Day 19 일 전

    On this vid

  • LivK Day2Day
    LivK Day2Day 19 일 전

    I got a fab,fit fun ad

  • Sienna Carter
    Sienna Carter 19 일 전 +5

    safiya: you know who would like this!
    ty: who?
    safiya: ... my grandma ...

  • summer sparkles
    summer sparkles 21 일 전 +1

    # safiya nygaard

  • L Nolte
    L Nolte 23 일 전

    My mom gets the fab fit fun box me and my sisters open it with her it's very fun love it

  • ツfreshtea
    ツfreshtea 25 일 전

    8:55 lmao

  • Lazy Llama
    Lazy Llama 26 일 전

    Hey I love you so much

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 26 일 전

    I like the Taste of the *TEA* alot
    Same Safiya Same ;)

  • Mechelle Kim
    Mechelle Kim 26 일 전

    The sugarbear did nothing actually cuz our hair really go long naturally by inch and it didnt even work,its just plain sugar watch brad mondo video to get what i mean

  • Cat 。
    Cat 。 27 일 전 +1

    Try Pinterest wedding ideas!

  • Cxlestial
    Cxlestial 28 일 전

    I love how safiya’s face is at the middle of her spinning wheel xD

  • Ileana Perez
    Ileana Perez 28 일 전

    For the teeth whitening i use smile science. its great! (with detailed instructions lol) also no promo

  • Alana Sprague
    Alana Sprague 29 일 전

    tip for eyelashes instead of the Pegasus serum: petroleum jelly. apply to your lashes (not too much), and they dramatically increase in length

    • Mia Donahue
      Mia Donahue 19 일 전 +1

      just be careful! petroleum jelly can be harmful if you get it in your eye

  • Kaz Harland
    Kaz Harland 29 일 전

    Hair defo looks like it grew quite a bit in 30 days though.

  • Caz W
    Caz W 개월 전

    You did the teeth whitening right, did you get a cream to repair afterwards?. I was going to buy the lash stuf but I think I will pass. We all know celebs use false lashes. X another fab video.

  • Diana Medina
    Diana Medina 개월 전 +1

    Warning for those who want to use teeth whitening, i’ve never had teeth sensitivity i could eat anything, bite into ice cream and feel no pain, but after trying crest white strips i can no longer eat ice cream without having intense sensitivity and pain. Be careful before using whitening products!

  • Itzz_day Fajardo
    Itzz_day Fajardo 개월 전 +1

    at 0:33 Kendall Jenner is always trying to copy Kylie Jenner

  • Kerrie
    Kerrie 개월 전

    If you like the routine of tea time, I recommend Pukka herbal tea. I have one before bed and there are different flavours/herb combinations for different things, like Night-Time, relax, detox, etc and they don't have laxatives!

  • YouObviously LoveOreos
    YouObviously LoveOreos 개월 전 +1


  • Baileys LifeStyle
    Baileys LifeStyle 개월 전

    Try highsmile

  • Simply Dakota.J
    Simply Dakota.J 개월 전 +1

    Hey Safiya, with the sugar bear hair thing it did grow a little bit but it made you hair really shiny

  • B & A
    B & A 개월 전

    15:15 I have that same mug!

  • Tessa Standridge
    Tessa Standridge 개월 전 +2

    Christine would be proud of her tea ritual(:

  • Gitu Gacha
    Gitu Gacha 개월 전 +1

    You are just amazing.
    You put so much effort into this.
    So,cheers too you..🌯