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  • B _sss
    B _sss 3 일 전

    "money's not the problem... Work hard, be successful" you should read Feminism For the 99%, A Manifesto

  • Stephanie Reagle
    Stephanie Reagle 4 일 전

    I saw Broken & it scared the heck out of me! All of the episodes are great, but the makeup one really hit home.



  • Allison Altman
    Allison Altman 12 일 전

    @10:48 🙏🏻🦋❤️

  • Renee Clark
    Renee Clark 14 일 전

    10 commercials later😔😒 I fast fowarded through the video. Remember the good ol days when watching a tati video was not convoluted by ads? I miss those days

  • Rache; Meatte
    Rache; Meatte 14 일 전 +5

    Imagine if people put this much effort into stopping animal testing 😳

  • Zaki Benbachir
    Zaki Benbachir 15 일 전

    KRclip Milf

  • Wendy Dragon
    Wendy Dragon 16 일 전

    Too much heavy topics on your channel, while I initially subscribed for beauty hacks.

  • Morgan Wade
    Morgan Wade 16 일 전

    Unrelated, but where did you get this sweater? It's beautiful!
    Related, I have the utmost respect for you for making this video. Definitely needs to be said and it helps that you're such a big influencer that many people will see this and awareness will be greatly spread. Thank you for this, Tati and another big thanks for being such a great, humble, and honest person. You are my favorite! xoxo

  • Brenda Booth
    Brenda Booth 17 일 전

    I absolutely love your eyeshadow palette but I rather wait for your palette to restock before I buy one off of E Bay any day! The stuff sold on E Bay isn't guaranteed real or it's mostly used stuff most of the time that people are trying to get rid of. Plus I'm not paying $150.00+ for a Textured Neutral Palette when I can wait and get the real one for $45.00 ...sorry not happening..I can wait thank you! 😉😘💕💋

  • Elizabeth Newman
    Elizabeth Newman 19 일 전

    Yes Tati!
    The same problem is happening with hair products. As a stylist, it's so annoying !

  • Grace Volchok
    Grace Volchok 19 일 전 +2

    Honestly I love Tati so much, but I could never see myself spending like $50 to get it, no matter how good the formula. I mean, it’s eyeshadow. It’s powder. This is why I go for drugstore, but I really want to support her.

  • renaeb450
    renaeb450 19 일 전

    You look like Angelina Jolie in this video! I mean that as a compliment by the way! Except you're more beautiful 😊💜

  • Brittany Littlejohn
    Brittany Littlejohn 20 일 전

    I’m watching now, if you love makeup & the beauty industry, this is a must see. Counterfeit goods have been present since the beginning of time, but counterfeit makeup is a seriously dangerous game.

  • Renelle Hurst
    Renelle Hurst 21 일 전

    Good luck with that biss

  • Yexii Nicolas
    Yexii Nicolas 21 일 전

    It's still online on AliExpress for $12

  • Tammy Eaton
    Tammy Eaton 22 일 전

    I do
    NOT buy cosmetics online AT ALL.

  • Patricia Johnson
    Patricia Johnson 22 일 전

    Everyone can’t afford high end makeup

    • Vintage.Heart_
      Vintage.Heart_ 21 일 전 +1

      @Patricia Johnson nore can i, and Tatis not saying to just buy high end make up. I get drug store because it's what I can afford, she's saying don't buy the counterfeit makeup because you don't know what's in it, and whatevers is could harm you.

  • madapult
    madapult 22 일 전

    *not pole lmao

  • Nevaeh Kreeger
    Nevaeh Kreeger 22 일 전 +1

    Love how honest she was in this video. Some things are about money and like another comment said and Tati said, THIS IS A JOB! This is her business. Of course she wants to make money because who doesn’t want to be successful. So glad she is open and because of this you can tell that making makeup is something she truly loves!

  • Mallory Shempert
    Mallory Shempert 23 일 전

    Where’d you get that sweater

  • Kamloops Cruise
    Kamloops Cruise 23 일 전

    Good for you Tati! I buy from Sephora or The Bay (Canadian quality dept store) and mail order for Ulta from the states. Never buy makeup or skincare from Amazon. Hoping that is safe.

  • Leah Kemp
    Leah Kemp 24 일 전

    How much are your palettes in the uk?

  • Jamie Macasinag
    Jamie Macasinag 24 일 전

    Always love her sit down vids like this. Very therapeutic, inspiring and insightful to listen to her

  • AmberAddiction
    AmberAddiction 25 일 전

    Ah! See, this is why I love you. I appreciate so much how you’re willing to be straight up and completely honest with everything, even when it comes down to topics that can be as controversial as talking about having money can be.
    My boyfriend will sit down with me while I’m watching KRclip and I’m pretty sure he loves watching your videos as much as I do 🤗🙃
    Keep doing what you’re doing: your love for what you do shows and I feel you deserve everything you’ve worked this hard for. Much happiness and success for the new year, Tati!

  • Angel Pettengill
    Angel Pettengill 25 일 전 +1

    ‼️THIS IS NO JOKE‼️ Please listen to what she saying… I ended up getting some type of infection in the tear duct of my eye which caused scar tissue to build up.. Not only has affected my vision but I also ended up having to have surgery to reopen my tear ducts. This doesn't just affect the eyes… Because your tear ducks are connected in your nose and I'll have severe allergies to many environmental things that I've never dealt with before… My eyes constantly run my face gets swollen and it's hard to breathe. All because I tried a mascara that someone else purchased as a gift but from a reseller thinking it was the same thing as the original! JUST DONT RISK IT! Thank you again TATI for trying to make people aware ❤️

  • Sophie Brennan
    Sophie Brennan 25 일 전 +1

    Did u get lip fillers ? They look amazing but I do hope u don’t go overboard

  • Kaitlyn Leonard
    Kaitlyn Leonard 26 일 전

    Well Tati maybe you should look into where mica comes from ....

  • Mariel Ang
    Mariel Ang 27 일 전 +1

    tati did an amazing job with the launch of her palette

  • Gavin Nadeau
    Gavin Nadeau 27 일 전 +1

    Omg you have no idea how refreshing that is to hear about money ' its bullshit when they say " I'm not in it for the money" .....CACA!]!

  • joy gonzalez
    joy gonzalez 29 일 전

    I will just stick to my drugstore products I like the palette but can't afford it right now and I am not about to use something counterfeit

  • Leanne Gabriel
    Leanne Gabriel 29 일 전

    You were a dancer?! Me too! What kind of dance did you study?

  • silverstarag
    silverstarag 개월 전

    Why not just go back to school? It'll be great!! :) There's nothing wrong with getting more formal education. :) You seem like a person who'd like that kind of challenge. :)

  • crayzybaleyziXD
    crayzybaleyziXD 개월 전

    Soo happy to see normal people in this world!

  • Jiarui Zhang
    Jiarui Zhang 개월 전

    I rewatched some of your previous videos from last year, the whole vibe of yours has changed, more mature, sexier, more charming, more attractive, wiser... all positive!!! I can sense you are well-prepared for pregnancy! Love you Tati!

  • Merieme Abdelhak
    Merieme Abdelhak 개월 전 +2

    I think the worst thing is people buying lot on Aliexpress and reselling it to people like if it was real stuff 😤

  • Felicia Tierney
    Felicia Tierney 개월 전 +1

    I have to say that I'm very glad you qualified your statement about "voting with your wallet" later in the video bc while I understood what you were talking about really is making our feelings & opinions known by spending in ways that gets the point across...I think in a country that is as divided as ours with one side that has an agenda which is clearly more financially motivated & is so to the detriment of all else it's important to remember that when we start bending & looking the other way even when we know something is wrong we are allowing and enabling those whose greed & desire for power is paramount to all else to believe their actions and behaviors are acceptable.

  • Pug Pop
    Pug Pop 개월 전 +2

    when will you restock again

  • danielle gentry
    danielle gentry 개월 전 +1

    Hey Tati, okay so I'm sure you've heard about the latest issue with the ciate London marbled blusher in the December Boxycharm, what is your opinion on the whole matter? As a consumer I do feel a little betrayed and will continue to until either ciate or boxy address the issue. For those who dont know, ciate London used to advertise this particular blush as talc free, on the packages in the boxy, the second ingredient listed is talc, when addressed, no response was given all ciate did was take the line of formulated without talc, out of the description

  • Darla Ann
    Darla Ann 개월 전

    Omg lovin your hair color😁😁😁

  • Eva Rene
    Eva Rene 개월 전

    I’m not going to get on here and start critiquing people that buy makeup off of AliExpress or elsewhere. That’s not my gig...I’m not here to belittle anyone. However, I would advise consumers to be knowledgeable about what they’re purchasing whether it’s from AliExpress or Saks. What I do question is why beauty influencers do not speak about this problem until it affects them personally I.e their own wallets...that’s not just this mention by the way, it includes all of them.

  • Nicola Trott
    Nicola Trott 개월 전

    You look so much more like Erika in the video! 😍

  • R. Lynn
    R. Lynn 개월 전

    Please work on adding closed captioning to your videos. They are not accessible to d/Deaf/HOH individuals

  • Tyler Hughes
    Tyler Hughes 개월 전

    Holy Smokes Batman !

  • Meghan Correia
    Meghan Correia 개월 전 +3

    Counterfeit makeup how does that even sound like a good idea to purchase ? Absolutely disgusts me !

  • Helena L
    Helena L 개월 전

    Well said Tati!

  • Lisa Stam
    Lisa Stam 개월 전

    So informative! I didn’t realize what a huge problem counterfeit make up was! I will keep checking inline to purchase your palate!❤️❤️❤️

  • Tracey Noe
    Tracey Noe 개월 전

    I can't wait until you re-release it!

  • Ella Heredia
    Ella Heredia 개월 전

    The sad/ scary part is that people who buy counterfeit are so proud and think they are better because they got a bargain. Those people worry me. For peace of mind and health reasons just spend the extra $10

  • Roselle Carino
    Roselle Carino 개월 전

    I did search on Aliexpress just now and they still exist

    • andioop
      andioop 개월 전

      They are never going away sadly maybe if people stop buying.

  • Summer Robinson
    Summer Robinson 개월 전

    im so glad your brand is doing well, so crapy that fakes are coming out!

  • Natasha Hoffman
    Natasha Hoffman 개월 전

    I bought Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizers 2 years ago on Amazon totally convinced it was real and I used it daily. For the past year I have REALLY battled with my skin: acne, staph infections, cellulitis, eczema and MORE. After watching that Broken episode I can't shake the thought that that was the cause of my problems and that it in fact was really good fakes. 😢

  • Abigail Pacheco
    Abigail Pacheco 개월 전

    Thank you so much for your honesty and teaching the public about something so important

  • Lauren Brinsfield
    Lauren Brinsfield 개월 전 +7

    I love how you say we vote with our money. I took a sociology class last semester and we talked about human trafficking and how we should stop it. One of the things we talked about was attacking supply vs. demand. As long as the demand is there, the supply will find a way. I totally agree that we need to eliminate the demand of counterfeit products because that's the only way it'll go away.

  • ana cortorreal
    ana cortorreal 개월 전

    Who saw Broken after this me!

  • MamaBear of 3
    MamaBear of 3 개월 전

    I feel how frustrated you are and it's not right that people counterfeit anyones products that they worked so hard to create. If people do their research they will know what is your true pallet

  • Naomi Nicole
    Naomi Nicole 개월 전

    Probably so off topic but your hair color looks gorgeous

  • Missi Slaughter
    Missi Slaughter 개월 전

    So glad you spoke on this!!!

  • Just Me
    Just Me 개월 전

    Your mouth?

  • Belle Lopez
    Belle Lopez 개월 전

    Thank you for this! I appreciate you. Love you even more. Really, really GOOD CHAT. 🤗