Every Method of Leg Hair Removal (21 Methods) | Allure

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  • Sophia Panych, Allure's Digital Deputy Beauty Director, tries out almost every method of hair removal, including using shaving, epilating, using hair removal cream, waxing, tweezing and more. Sophia waits two weeks to see how her hair grows back. Find out what method might be the best method for you.
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    Every Method of Leg Hair Removal (21 Methods) | Allure

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  • Gracieee Kaliii
    Gracieee Kaliii 시간 전

    I very interested in those sponges lol

  • _yvonne galvan_
    _yvonne galvan_ 2 시간 전 +1

    Her : screams when the epilator pulls her 10 thin leg hairs out
    Me: Damn I'd actually bleed and cry with the amount of leg hair I have I'm glad this isn't me so the reaction isn't intense

  • Asallah Sammy
    Asallah Sammy 8 시간 전 +2

    3:44 lol me but I actually got used to it over time 😂

  • Kera Logan
    Kera Logan 9 시간 전

    My sole method of hair removal used to epilators. The first couple of times are rough, you can literally feel your skin recoil in pain. I did see decreased hair growth over time and I could go much longer in between uses than I could with shaving. But if you're going the hair removal at the roots method, I would recomend just waxing cause it's faster and less painful overall but you do risk taking off a couple dermal layers.

  • Bia C
    Bia C 13 시간 전

    i use cream and u have to let it 15 minutes then with a sponge in the shower u take it off

  • Mahgul Rizwan
    Mahgul Rizwan 17 시간 전

    Where do we get this wax from?

  • Wissame Elmel
    Wissame Elmel 18 시간 전

    I have invested in a tria hair laser removal a year ago and seriously i couldn’t be more happier !! Hair is gone like 80% ! Women with hair on their face especially go for it you won’t regret it !!!

  • Libby Vander
    Libby Vander 일 전

    You must seriously have no pain tolerance bc I’d be crying by the last one. 😂😂

  • O_M525treble
    O_M525treble 일 전

    Am i the only one that feels nothing when I accidentally cut myself with a razor. Like the only reason I know is because I look down and I’m like “oh. I’m bleeding” I feel nothing

  • Sara Franzoso
    Sara Franzoso 일 전

    I use the epiletor

  • Carolina Bravo Gonzalez

    Si aquí √ aquí estoy el comentario en español

  • The Gun Show
    The Gun Show 일 전

    I’m sorry but you think shaving legs with a safety or straight razor men put it to their necks

  • Nymphadora18
    Nymphadora18 일 전

    Can someone tell me their experiences with soft wax? I am really not into shaving/epilators since im too sensitive and depilators just really irritate my skin

  • Gacha Blythe
    Gacha Blythe 일 전

    I really hate shaving :(

  • daisy !
    daisy ! 일 전

    2:23 i actually have the same thing but its pink and its a single one

  • Janellaz
    Janellaz 일 전 +1

    No thanks, I'll stick to shaving

  • Alex Valcheva
    Alex Valcheva 일 전

    I've been using epilator for a long time (probably 8 years now) and my leghair has decreased loads ... i can walk around with hair for like more than a month and it wouldn't be noticed ... does a pretty nice job with armpits too

  • Anna Gera
    Anna Gera 일 전 +3

    Me: I have to study

    Me, two seconds later: Every Method of Leg Hair Removal (21 Methods)

  • Sruthy Sabesan
    Sruthy Sabesan 일 전

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  • Ximena R.Z.
    Ximena R.Z. 일 전

    this woman is the bravest wtf

  • puppy4life 34
    puppy4life 34 일 전

    I dont shave my legs.
    KRclip: reccomended for you! All ways to shave your legs

  • kate prett
    kate prett 일 전

    once i use a blue razor like her my hand skins are nearly all cut

  • theyellow activist

    i hate when they put someone who don't have anything on their legs put still play dumb tf she"s shaving the air???

  • Arizbeth x Journi Channel

    I can barely shave my legs and you expect me to do an in-office shaving 💀HELL NO

  • Fay Munfaredi
    Fay Munfaredi 일 전

    I have the electric razor it broke a week after I used it

  • Gacha Luna nspa rjv

    My grandma has Veet and it smelled horrific

  • Whatever Goes
    Whatever Goes 2 일 전

    I use depilatory creams before a trip and usually take same on trips for any touch ups and scrubs to get a smoother shave

  • Ashley Davis
    Ashley Davis 2 일 전

    Waxing gives me hives usisichsjkaoxjs

  • Emily Elias
    Emily Elias 2 일 전

    OOOo I use depilatories:) it smells OkAy

  • Ellie Zamarra
    Ellie Zamarra 2 일 전


  • Luciana McNamara
    Luciana McNamara 2 일 전

    how the heck did I end up here?

  • Camino Diez
    Camino Diez 2 일 전

    And if u are blonde??😏😂

  • Georgia F
    Georgia F 2 일 전

    3:57 the cream I use

  • aaa
    aaa 2 일 전

    What am I doing here I don't even shave

  • Yeemo Trash
    Yeemo Trash 2 일 전

    Razors give me such bad anxiety

  • siriusly hamiltrash
    siriusly hamiltrash 3 일 전 +3

    me: maybe I should try laser hair remov-
    her: absolutely no tan.
    me: well..ok then

  • Misty Beene
    Misty Beene 3 일 전

    I’ll stick with the cream. Because it’s less painful. And I I hate pain. Or I might just wear long pants that covers my legs instead of having to do the painful way. This is me after waxing😖😱😭😫

  • Prashuma Mishra
    Prashuma Mishra 3 일 전

    I do use epillitor
    Nd it hurts😬😢😢😢

  • #maddie nuñez
    #maddie nuñez 3 일 전

    We all know it’s gonna hurt anyway

  • p3ng w1ng
    p3ng w1ng 3 일 전

    I waxed my armpit hair. When mom placed the wax, it was fuqin hot. But when she pulled it off, it didn't hurt at all

  • Mattison Park
    Mattison Park 3 일 전


  • Galaxii Foxx
    Galaxii Foxx 3 일 전

    Y'all should hire my gorilla legs. Will show the results much better

  • Daisy van Steveninck

    when she gonna eat the wax doe?

  • Daisy van Steveninck

    when will she shave her vagene doe?

  • Jaz Aviles
    Jaz Aviles 4 일 전 +2

    My heart was racing when she was shaving 😭😭 it scared me as if she was shaving my legs 💀💀

  • Kaila Phillips
    Kaila Phillips 4 일 전

    She acts like a sissy it really dont hurt that much

  • The Bendy Bees
    The Bendy Bees 4 일 전 +1

    My mom waxed my legs when I was 10 oof

  • Alexis Collins
    Alexis Collins 4 일 전

    Wow another blue eyed person! Hi!!! 💙
    I'm glad I don't have long body hair it's very short and thin. I just wax my eyebrows

  • lauren mitchell
    lauren mitchell 4 일 전

    11:48 im dying XD

  • Fubuki Moi
    Fubuki Moi 4 일 전

    I dont know how but that helped me alot, because i dont know much about how to remove my leg hairs and im afraid that i will hurt myself. But now i know the,, things? Thanks. 👌🏻

  • ꧁ღ๑Kawaii Eevee๑ღ꧂

    You can also cut off your legs and you will never have to deal with leg hair again!

  • Lil Cherry
    Lil Cherry 4 일 전 +5

    Once I used the abrasive pink glove on my sensitive moustache area.
    spoiler : DON'T, JUST DON'T


    Pumit stone were used by monks in the Middle Ages to keep the bald spot on their head

  • yoloyoloyoloyo where my wig at

    my legs are so hairy that they grow overnight so i either shower late(im not a morning shower person) or just wake up earlier to shave my legs lmao

  • D.W
    D.W 4 일 전

    2:34 she is not using it right lmao😂😂😂🤣😭

  • Gacha_ foxx
    Gacha_ foxx 5 일 전

    When I start shaving, I'm to scared to bc I dont want any nicks

  • Dakyhia Reese
    Dakyhia Reese 5 일 전


  • Why Could We Music
    Why Could We Music 5 일 전

    you don’t use duct tape-

  • Some Shit
    Some Shit 5 일 전

    duct tape works, but it just works not good.

  • mal
    mal 5 일 전

    you look like hannah baker and luisa solano had a child

  • Erica McClintock
    Erica McClintock 5 일 전 +1

    I love how this channel has only 1M subs but vids have 8M views

  • Lea St
    Lea St 5 일 전 +2

    I legit got a venus commercial during this video haha

  • desislava921
    desislava921 5 일 전

    From every things I would try the black cold vax.

  • shady sunshine
    shady sunshine 5 일 전

    The main question in my head is...did she leave those black lines on her legs for two whole weeks and they still didn't disappear?

  • Olivia Montagino
    Olivia Montagino 6 일 전 +9

    shaving • 0:35
    epilator • 2:45
    depilatories • 3:52
    duct tape • 4:48
    sugaring • 5:03
    tweezers • 5:54
    abrasives • 6:16
    wax • 7:41
    laser • 10:45
    intense pulsed light • 12:44
    home remedies • 13:43

  • Mary McKenzie
    Mary McKenzie 6 일 전

    People had to hide from their parents that they were shaving their legs? When I was like 12 my Mom figured I’d started already so she got me my own razor lmao.

  • Sisi Tang
    Sisi Tang 6 일 전

    So what was the least painful way?

  • Libbey’sLife101
    Libbey’sLife101 6 일 전

    But.. like, just shave your legs!

  • Heartbeats
    Heartbeats 6 일 전 +9

    I have sooooo much more leg hair then her and I’m 11. I basically have man legs😞

    • Srishti Shenoy
      Srishti Shenoy 14 시간 전

      Yea same!!! And my mom won't let me shave.

    • Eleonora Branchesi
      Eleonora Branchesi 2 일 전

      Naa, you don't. Plus hair it's not easy to see on camera, unless you're shooting macro... we don't know how she actually looks. Also, your hair will probably change over the years. If you want to remove it, don't stress over it, just take care of your skin. During my teenage years I damaged my sentitive skin because I wanted to be as hairless as possible, but I didn't really understand my skin and how easily it would scar. I can still see some marks and discoloration where I nicked it. So, just be relaxed, no one cares about hair anyways.

    • Elizabeth is a nctzen and blink
  • Savage_ Jack
    Savage_ Jack 6 일 전

    You forgot the chop the leg off method

  • Chellie B
    Chellie B 6 일 전

    Wow I thought there were like 5 hair removing methods.

  • addict with a harpøøn

    Me: *sees 21*
    Also me: twenty øne pilø-

  • neige amd
    neige amd 6 일 전 +1

    You know girls it is ok if you like...don't shave your hair. After all guys do it all the time

  • Miss.Amanda Darealist

    Im rlly pissed

  • Edgy Boi
    Edgy Boi 6 일 전

    If I take my hand and rub my leg upward, I can barely feel my leg, most of what I feel is hair

  • dina dila
    dina dila 6 일 전

    i cannot see her hair.

  • GiraffElla
    GiraffElla 6 일 전 +1

    I just wear leggings tbh xd

  • fake depression
    fake depression 6 일 전 +3

    My mom uses a epilator and when I tried it I was screaming but she always tells me " *U will get used to it* " BUT IT FRICKIN HURTS

    • Army Stay
      Army Stay 2 일 전 +1

      OMG SAME i was just about to use it but i waa too afraid to try it, so i searched for a video with less hurting method to remove your leg hair XD i can't do this to myself

  • XxkillerslumberXx X

    I am trans FTM and i shave my legs and arms because body hair is disgusting

  • Maged Mohammed
    Maged Mohammed 6 일 전 +1

    Actually shaving cream just gives you more hair when it grows back

  • Sam M
    Sam M 6 일 전

    “The shave was really smooth. A little too smooth...”

  • 5 beautiful Pandacorns

    There was an ad for lazer hair removal 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance

    I'm gonna wax my legs
    Give me a candle

  • MiriamLovesMochi
    MiriamLovesMochi 7 일 전

    Her legs aren't even hairy. Please do it on someone who actually has hair.

  • Gaming Gang With Her

    Why am I watching this? I don’t even shave my legs yet, more like I can’t yet. 😂

  • Nora C
    Nora C 7 일 전

    I have to tweeze my leg cuz waving and shaving leave me with ingrowns and black dots/ super short black hairs all over my legs :(

  • Florida Idaho
    Florida Idaho 7 일 전

    You know I don’t mind using a razor anymore👍🏻

  • yasmin jimenez
    yasmin jimenez 7 일 전

    Half of us here in he comments have WAY more leg hair than she does plus ours grows back in a day so our results will be different than hers.

    Besides some people’s leg hair does grow back darker and/or thicker maybe it’s heritage or something cause I know mine does

  • Breydiss
    Breydiss 7 일 전 +3

    I actually got my hair professionally lasered off, and it is still gone 5 years later. Best decision of my life.

    • avacado
      avacado 5 일 전

      what age did you get your body-hair lasered?

  • Elizabeth Gatsby
    Elizabeth Gatsby 7 일 전

    I just use Nair because I hate pain and I'm too clumsy to trust myself with razors

  • Şafak
    Şafak 7 일 전

    My friend always wearing pants but she is removing her leg hair. She is scared about what if doctors sees her leg hair after car accident or something. xD

  • Alaiyna Fletcher
    Alaiyna Fletcher 7 일 전

    My legs get itchy af if I shave without water involved🤣

  • Meggie’s Life And Things!

    Lucky me I had no hair! I love to see ppl struggle shaving 😂😂😂

  • NeonA Galaxy
    NeonA Galaxy 7 일 전

    I have a lot more hair than that on my legs.
    Lol I loved how she kept saying I am not putting that near right legs.

  • NatMat Solorzano
    NatMat Solorzano 7 일 전

    WHAT? Im Venezuelan and i didnt know Harina PAN can remove your leg hair

  • hector argotte
    hector argotte 7 일 전

    Duct tape works😁

  • Sam
    Sam 7 일 전


  • Ann Cage
    Ann Cage 7 일 전

    In the DIY with eggs, you should use paper and wait till dry. It'sthe same metod to remove blackheads of your nose xD

  • Synera
    Synera 7 일 전

    I watched it. happy now, KRclip?

  • ColeSprouse Is bae
    ColeSprouse Is bae 7 일 전

    Is it bad that I get laser on my armpits and I’m only 13.