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Bazzi Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ
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  • Zayden Torres
    Zayden Torres 18 초 전

    fatty wrap who?

  • Brooke
    Brooke 38 초 전

    he is just about the cutest human being alive

  • dillon james
    dillon james 2 분 전

    You need Danny McBride on here

  • Enron Capital
    Enron Capital 2 분 전

    Nah clipper lighters are legit

  • -Rosiexoxo
    -Rosiexoxo 3 분 전

    i like how he said comme des garçons 😂

  • Mario Ceva
    Mario Ceva 4 분 전

    Paul is dead. This one is faul the impostor

  • Samuelito
    Samuelito 5 분 전

    He uses them old bills for 7 eleven runs Gatorade flavor lemon lime, hot Cheetos, Arizona’s, oranges and clementines

  • Brad Cinto
    Brad Cinto 5 분 전

    Where was i at when he lost all does grills lol

  • Matias Norten
    Matias Norten 6 분 전

    Meek mill needs an episode he started so many trends


    Cant live without an eye patch

  • Amir Hafiz
    Amir Hafiz 8 분 전

    He look like a demon

  • Dr. Sosig
    Dr. Sosig 10 분 전

    is he a lil shy

  • Who Knows?
    Who Knows? 10 분 전

    I miss his rap days

  • Emily Mcginnis
    Emily Mcginnis 11 분 전

    Can you get Meryl Streep to do her most popular roles

  • Por Veng
    Por Veng 11 분 전


  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 13 분 전

    Chanel and dove powder? That's exactly what my girl uses haha

  • HiThere
    HiThere 14 분 전

    That scene in Game Change where she admits to not voting has stuck with me for years.

  • Bonnie sbv
    Bonnie sbv 15 분 전

    She's a BOSS!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Olivier Sandjon
    Olivier Sandjon 16 분 전


  • K Omega
    K Omega 16 분 전

    no member is more talented they are all equally...Ameer Vann

  • dada416 gaming
    dada416 gaming 20 분 전

    We need eternal atake😭

  • bikefixer
    bikefixer 21 분 전

    She made a little PBS film back in the late 1970s called "Verna: USO Girl." It's as good a performance as she's ever given. Worth seeking out.

  • Raniesha Baker
    Raniesha Baker 21 분 전

    Nick is definitely woke. Y’all have to listen carefully to what he says.

  • Golden Silence
    Golden Silence 22 분 전

    i put boogers on everything

  • xShubh Plays
    xShubh Plays 23 분 전

    Hahahahaha it funny how travis forgot the birth names even though he talked about it with kylie the day after

  • Golden Silence
    Golden Silence 24 분 전

    why is there an armored vehicle behind him?

  • Cool Boy
    Cool Boy 24 분 전

    It's a trap!

  • Unique
    Unique 26 분 전

    Bruh this man’s hair is greasier than a crabby patty Wash your hair bud.... or should I say blud

  • B R O L y a jojo reference

    @ybn cordae for 0:58 .......Cheetahs chirp

  • W.7
    W.7 27 분 전

    “What does it taste like?” Uzi:try it *slaps the bag to them

  • Jesters Children
    Jesters Children 29 분 전

    She is really his sister? OMG mind blown. I wish he acted in Nemo Nobody.

  • Isiac Artison
    Isiac Artison 30 분 전

    He sound like the dude on family guy with the big jaw underbite

  • Cill Holmes
    Cill Holmes 30 분 전

    i like her by her first because of her act, now i like her even more because of her professionalism

  • SAGE. Motion
    SAGE. Motion 32 분 전

    He is so laid back I didn’t expect that

  • Fabrizio Bergher
    Fabrizio Bergher 33 분 전

    It makes me you know... shine

  • Rubina Fareeed
    Rubina Fareeed 34 분 전

    Why does he look so tired or is it just me?

  • Marlo Hughes
    Marlo Hughes 34 분 전

    GQ:what does it taste like? UZi:Try it

  • Harsh Aqua
    Harsh Aqua 34 분 전

    Dude said “Yaaaa bae” and dipped out

  • Y2 Jovan
    Y2 Jovan 35 분 전

    Tries ban hammer “dosent like it”

  • Voesky
    Voesky 37 분 전

    This guy doesn’t look like he passed the 6th grade let alone become a jeweler.

  • Ab Lachino
    Ab Lachino 37 분 전

    Try it 🤣🤣

  • TomCheeseball The1
    TomCheeseball The1 37 분 전

    Wheres eternal atake

  • Plant Based Bride
    Plant Based Bride 38 분 전

    As an actor this was fascinating to watch. This is the best video in this format that I’ve ever seen! Sarah goes so in depth into her process and feelings about her craft and the characters she plays. She’s just so wonderful to listen to.

  • Batto sai
    Batto sai 39 분 전

    Fired ... :)

  • TheOther RayJ
    TheOther RayJ 39 분 전

    He said you got to see it good better. I'm done 😆

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 39 분 전

    He went to my high school

  • sr.croco 07 XD
    sr.croco 07 XD 39 분 전


  • Akeem Alston
    Akeem Alston 40 분 전

    This is way opposite of Travis and Kiley.

  • Itz KaTeLyN
    Itz KaTeLyN 40 분 전

    Awww save him at all costs 😭

  • Nick Beard
    Nick Beard 43 분 전

    2 chains is a fake smoker.

  • Ghxst
    Ghxst 43 분 전

    0:40-imagen biting your toung with those grillz

  • Ahmad Arfa
    Ahmad Arfa 44 분 전

    She was great as Marcia Clark

  • Johnetta’s LIFE
    Johnetta’s LIFE 44 분 전

    Try it 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • Chynna Cruz
    Chynna Cruz 45 분 전

    Honestly one of the greatest actresses of our time <3 And a Scream Queen

  • slurp
    slurp 46 분 전

    ashtons accent is all over the place im crying😭😂

  • gyllxnhxllnd
    gyllxnhxllnd 46 분 전

    "of all the endangered animals you've eaten, which one would you say tastes best?" "well, funny you should ask, baby pandas."

  • Sieakuros
    Sieakuros 47 분 전

    Underappreciated video

  • Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow 47 분 전

    You have got to bird up. There’s no other option.

  • Tenchu 003
    Tenchu 003 48 분 전

    Got his busted whips he showed at that one car show in the background

  • dodie rules
    dodie rules 50 분 전

    Dang i didnt realize how white she is...

  • 500 Subscribers With No Videos?

    Eminem is better

  • Brad Cinto
    Brad Cinto 56 분 전

    Lol billy and mandy

  • Carissed Lightnin
    Carissed Lightnin 58 분 전

    Who's uzi vert

  • kotosqopos
    kotosqopos 58 분 전

    I WAS SO NOT READY FOR THE "IT'S A ROMANCE" PART. I am just going to stop the video, do my chores and carry on with my day to channel all the excitement that part gave me.

  • Nop_ _NG
    Nop_ _NG 시간 전

    I go to college too

  • dillon james
    dillon james 시간 전

    You guys need to get Danny McBride on here y'all are f@$king up man you had the dude now it McBride turn

  • Corey Jackson
    Corey Jackson 시간 전

    Kanye West

  • chaotic armyonce
    chaotic armyonce 시간 전



    Naomi Osaka has left the chat

  • Alessandro Fantini
    Alessandro Fantini 시간 전

    please drop EA, enter

  • k. d
    k. d 시간 전

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love him 😍

  • Tony Martial
    Tony Martial 시간 전

    Nick. Can’t live without watch Uzi. I got cake

  • Diddy Rhamus
    Diddy Rhamus 시간 전

    Man wearing a Buju Banton shirt

  • Moka LARE
    Moka LARE 시간 전

    He looks normal!

  • Andrew Denning
    Andrew Denning 시간 전

    Me: Man this is so cool. So... what can I get for $25?

  • kkazza 1
    kkazza 1 시간 전

    What's the first shoes called

  • 320 ms
    320 ms 시간 전

    Uzi forgot that he can’t live without eternal atake that’s why he hasn’t released it

  • Dhyland Gutierrez
    Dhyland Gutierrez 시간 전

    he defetnitly can live with one eye.....

  • Levi Maliwauki
    Levi Maliwauki 시간 전

    Ummm Red Dragon??

  • Corey Jackson
    Corey Jackson 시간 전


  • IWantToFly Matt
    IWantToFly Matt 시간 전

    Uzi smell like my girlfriend 😂

  • Carlos_ Perez pubg gaming

    My mom :what's wrong with the food Me: 3:31

  • Supa N A S T Y
    Supa N A S T Y 시간 전

    He can definitely live without his soul Edit: I’m.. joking.

  • ChimneySweep07
    ChimneySweep07 시간 전

    shes one of the most gifted actresses in our generation. i love her

  • Zeus
    Zeus 시간 전

    4:53 i thought he was about to drop a verse!

  • Meh
    Meh 시간 전

    Zippo > Bic

  • Jango Fett
    Jango Fett 시간 전


  • ufosytngs
    ufosytngs 시간 전

    talking about milo i literally thought he aas about to cry omg...

  • Alexandre Montano
    Alexandre Montano 시간 전

    Uzi looks like a straight up super cool dude. Super humble.

  • Formicidae Inc.
    Formicidae Inc. 시간 전

    Title sort of makes it seem like he's the only rapper who cares about those things

  • Maritza Piccarillo
    Maritza Piccarillo 시간 전

    His best performance is in A KNIGHT'S TALE.... HEATH LEDGER, MARK ADDY AND HIM.....LOVE THAT MOVIE!

  • Alexandra Belloso
    Alexandra Belloso 시간 전

    She's so well-spoken it's crazy

  • Lexi Vivid
    Lexi Vivid 시간 전

    I go to Howard. Nick is really cool.

  • Temporarily Damaged

    2:23 Uzi, I think he meant type of cologne. Not the amount of sprays you use 😭😂

  • Melvs GT
    Melvs GT 시간 전

    Can we talk about uzis eyes at 00:30 thooo

  • xLazarusEnvy
    xLazarusEnvy 시간 전

    I’m all for caring about family but what is going on at 2:48

  • Amayiah Alese
    Amayiah Alese 시간 전

    Lmao was I the only one waiting for him to talk about the cars 😂

  • Kate Storan
    Kate Storan 시간 전

    Can’t live without dropping out of festivals he should’ve said that

  • McKenna •
    McKenna • 시간 전


  • Qg Clapz
    Qg Clapz 시간 전

    Only dumb people use iPhones