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iOS 13.1 Released! Final Review
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NEW iPhone 11 Pro Clone Unboxing!
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My Perfect iPhone XS Max Setup!
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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!
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iPhone 11 Cases & Models Hands On!
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Every iPhone Comparison 2019!
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Top iPadOS 13 Features!
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iOS 13 & iPadOS Unveiled!
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iOS 12.2 Review! Should You Update?
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Fake AirPods 2 Unboxing!
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  • Daffa Saviero
    Daffa Saviero 15 분 전

    i once dropped my note 8 over my head cuz i was streching and dropped my phone it went backfirst and it didnt cracked even though it sounded like it broke

  • gcbws hasde
    gcbws hasde 19 분 전

    im from phillipine


    I don't know what to take now in 2019 , the end of the year wether to go for iphone 7 plus or iphone 8 and these are the ones which got in my budget !! Anyone ??

  • Thomas Rose
    Thomas Rose 49 분 전

    Is it also for iPhone 6 for led lights for the speaker 🔊

  • Anthony Nunya
    Anthony Nunya 55 분 전

    you should review the fake airpod pros on podsbay.com

  • Thisisfrog X
    Thisisfrog X 59 분 전

    Where. Do. I. Buy

  • Sanithu Ras
    Sanithu Ras 시간 전

    I am 11 and thats a Nissan gtr

  • Khali Marco
    Khali Marco 시간 전

    They only break when you drop them by accident

  • Sebastian N
    Sebastian N 시간 전

    Apple forgot the IPhone 9.

  • JamDelle Channel
    JamDelle Channel 시간 전

    these phones are strong

  • Georgio 277
    Georgio 277 시간 전

    I used the best phones nowadays and still use them NOKIA NOKIA ANTHEM GANG

  • creator Space
    creator Space 시간 전

    That's a good one. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

  • SoCbocy HM
    SoCbocy HM 시간 전


  • Pottan Kala
    Pottan Kala 2 시간 전

    My man 💙

  • J B
    J B 2 시간 전

    A phone case capable of firing .22 semi automatic.

  • Hadi Purwanto
    Hadi Purwanto 2 시간 전

    Amazing phone !!

  • Dilpreet dosanjh
    Dilpreet dosanjh 2 시간 전

    Pagal banda muja da da iPhone 😂

  • xd axsbraa
    xd axsbraa 2 시간 전

    what about ipad pro ?

  • Share ni Sherbie
    Share ni Sherbie 2 시간 전

    Whos watching this on samsung s10plus. Lols

  • Leone
    Leone 2 시간 전

    Apple is honestly annoying the hell out of me. They keep making “2016, 2017, 2018, 2019” Macbook pros yet I can’t even tell the difference between any of them besides maybe the fact that one is able to export a video 0.01 seconds faster than the other... or the keyboard is 0.01 decibels quieter. Like what is this... I miss the Apple that constantly made innovation after innovation..

  • Ruddy Perez
    Ruddy Perez 2 시간 전

    So the iPhone 12 will have a size thats basically the size of the 6?

  • Jon Yeager
    Jon Yeager 2 시간 전

    First one kinda gave it away when he said “guns drawn”

  • Steff Nightcores
    Steff Nightcores 3 시간 전

    Better than breaking expensive phones why not giving it to me?😃🤣

  • Omnitell Tech
    Omnitell Tech 3 시간 전

    way too many ads on your video, I moved on

  • George Nakas Nakas
    George Nakas Nakas 3 시간 전

    Can we bypass icloud with CHECKRA1N?

  • Jelly Camo
    Jelly Camo 3 시간 전

    Can I please have the laser pen!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jelly Camo
    Jelly Camo 3 시간 전

    If you do not want the gun cases I would like them the can and give it to me with the magazine if there is one in if there is bullets do not give me those

  • Ethan R. Torkelson
    Ethan R. Torkelson 3 시간 전

    There wasn't water in the s10 it was moisture because it was hot and then it became cold it's called condensation you Idiot's

  • kookie uwu :3
    kookie uwu :3 3 시간 전

    If you have the IPhone 8 plus comment

  • Yanna Jones
    Yanna Jones 3 시간 전

    Here's what you can get your kids for christmas

  • The Cole And Ella Show

    2:21 his thumb went 〽️

  • Alpha Whitewolf
    Alpha Whitewolf 3 시간 전

    The chargeing port is ur headphone jack

  • samiam
    samiam 3 시간 전

    Damn so many memories lol

  • Eric Berrios
    Eric Berrios 3 시간 전

    What would you recommend the best carrier for the iphone?

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith 4 시간 전

    Want iOS 2 released before the first android phone? So technically android copied Apple with most of their features? Just sayin

  • Kitty cat Roblox
    Kitty cat Roblox 4 시간 전

    Why do I want to get a iPhone 2g so bad

  • icy frost
    icy frost 4 시간 전

    Who would pay 160$ for those

  • Ahmad Abdelaal
    Ahmad Abdelaal 4 시간 전

    Can I have one of the iPhone 11 My name is sleem I am from Egypt and this is my address 8h/5 Ahmad abdelazeem street off elnasr street maadi Cairo Egypt 11782

  • Naruto4Ever
    Naruto4Ever 4 시간 전

    8:27 (drops camera) me: wrong drop test lol

  • Elite Pro Gaming
    Elite Pro Gaming 4 시간 전

    Samsung better by far

  • Dave Heinze
    Dave Heinze 4 시간 전

    Hello I come from the world where the iPhone 11 pro max exists 🙃🤣

  • OhMyGosh!!
    OhMyGosh!! 4 시간 전

    Okay, so should I but the 11 or wait till the 12 comes out to get the Pro Max cheaper?

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 4 시간 전

    But he said if your a brave soul u can do it...

  • Charles Prichard
    Charles Prichard 4 시간 전

    Please I what the AIRPODS PRO PLEASE

  • XiiMi KiX
    XiiMi KiX 4 시간 전

    Where do you buy those

  • Mark's Pocket
    Mark's Pocket 4 시간 전

    When ios 13 released, I felt sad for my iPhone 6, I don't want to replace it just to get those features. But when I saw this video it gives me the idea that I can still have those features by jailbreaking. Thanks for this wonderful video.

  • Cho조기환
    Cho조기환 4 시간 전

    I'm from the future the note 10 will come out

  • Drew Shoemaker
    Drew Shoemaker 4 시간 전

    You can see his face in the reflection

  • Tyler ##EL CUHH
    Tyler ##EL CUHH 4 시간 전

    I can get them for $25 not $50

  • Im A Mistake
    Im A Mistake 5 시간 전

    What if you got like 10 of those and plug it in the iphone within the adapter? Will it still work?

  • Chronic_MoNster8 Yeet
    Chronic_MoNster8 Yeet 5 시간 전

    He forgot the Iphone SE

  • Sam Rodriguez
    Sam Rodriguez 5 시간 전

    In the beginning of the video the phone that has one camera in the front looks like the Samsung Galaxy 10e

  • Dat gurl Shy
    Dat gurl Shy 5 시간 전

    Who else didn’t feel like downloading all those apps😂

  • Ashif Pradhan
    Ashif Pradhan 5 시간 전

    If the iPhone SE 2 look iPhone 5s similar and has a full screen, I would buy it

  • azwin zed
    azwin zed 5 시간 전

    please give me one appleeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Juwan Copeland
    Juwan Copeland 5 시간 전

    Can you please take a look at the messaging index problem? A lot of users including myself have not been able to search old messages and attachments

  • Sonagi
    Sonagi 5 시간 전

    "lets play some travis scott" said every whiteboy

  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez 5 시간 전

    Handsome guy

  • SirNoob bot
    SirNoob bot 5 시간 전

    Does it work on iOS 13? Da update I have on my iPhone 7

  • lllllillllllllillll
    lllllillllllllillll 5 시간 전

    2:30 yeah, I guess you forgot to mention that on release because you was too busy trying to focus on the positives. Also, I’ve noticed when you don’t know what to say, you end up saying ‘this is interesting’. 🤔🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Green Fuse Creations
    Green Fuse Creations 5 시간 전

    too bad 5G is killing us. 5G is proven and banned in manyu countries. Please research.

  • Shah Rahman
    Shah Rahman 5 시간 전

    Not rich but never fake...real all the way...admittedly some things are overpriced.

  • Night of the Sword
    Night of the Sword 5 시간 전

    Reading the comments before I watch this possibly biased video has made me not watch this video, and go somewhere else.

  • Cristian Ruiz Escalante

    I dont think he gave enough credit to the other older phones

  • Dia Bakiu
    Dia Bakiu 5 시간 전


  • henry louis
    henry louis 5 시간 전

    They should make a grenade one just incase

    SCREAM CHEZ 5 시간 전

    This kills me

  • jax c
    jax c 6 시간 전

    Where did you get the cannon

  • Elijah Dreiling
    Elijah Dreiling 6 시간 전

    I guess there will be a thicker middle section. 1:18

  • Rice._. addiction
    Rice._. addiction 6 시간 전

    Am i the only one who saw the computer was an LG i thought he was everything apple

  • Cameron Karp
    Cameron Karp 6 시간 전

    Damage starts at 3:04

  • Michelle Capparelli
    Michelle Capparelli 6 시간 전

    Let me win those air pods

  • Kalpana Thakkar
    Kalpana Thakkar 6 시간 전

    What price

  • Ali Mustafa
    Ali Mustafa 6 시간 전

    Nokia 3310: hold my drink 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Connor Burke
    Connor Burke 6 시간 전

    Lol 6:50 is hilarious

  • Kaddy Manneh
    Kaddy Manneh 6 시간 전

    Paousman will you like a great 👍 I will love 💕 you know I love your life you don’t want to call you yes I’m sorry 😐 wit huge hug 🤗 was my favorite yeah really good thanks to sleep rii I realize

  • lovinqlxla
    lovinqlxla 6 시간 전

    Le Monke Emoji

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 6 시간 전

    Bruh u got enough can I have an iPhone 11 pro I planted a tree yesterday.

  • Sri sharan vatsal Telu

    Wow so much power light where do we found

  • ANDY Díaz
    ANDY Díaz 6 시간 전

    When you save the save allows in the cartdridge?

  • Sayem Mohammad
    Sayem Mohammad 6 시간 전

    Great review!

  • Hayden H
    Hayden H 7 시간 전

    So basically the only thing holding the pixel 4 back is raw power. I'd still used that instead.

  • Hayden H
    Hayden H 7 시간 전

    Pixel 2 user here. Just wondering, why should I even upgrade? This phone is so fast and the camera is better than most iPhones.

  • Brenan Davis
    Brenan Davis 7 시간 전

    If your kidnapped and knocked out they can unlock your pixel 4 and get all your info and anything else on your phone that’s sad come on pixel get your game together

  • Brenan Davis
    Brenan Davis 7 시간 전

    The pixel 4 breaks so easily if you bend it lol

  • Coolkidnicef 123
    Coolkidnicef 123 7 시간 전

    How much will the cheapest iPhone 12 cost

  • Ethan Chen
    Ethan Chen 7 시간 전

    found this on like wishpackets or something like that

  • Venom 86
    Venom 86 7 시간 전

    just read it and for free :)

  • lizbeth
    lizbeth 7 시간 전

    my dad bought a cloned iphone 6s back in the day and it was trash

  • iSiP Toronto
    iSiP Toronto 7 시간 전

    Byt why... lol ... iphone 11 was suppose to be the it phone.. m it came out trash... n now 12... lol ape is overpriced junk

  • Raymond Vargas
    Raymond Vargas 7 시간 전

    i love iPhones but that google pixel camera in night mode

  • Luc Cacciatore
    Luc Cacciatore 7 시간 전

    can I have an iPhone 11!!!!!! adress= 10022, 400 east 56th street 1st avenue New York New York apt 8e

  • Testerz_z
    Testerz_z 7 시간 전

    “It’s a instant death to everything” Nokia: am I a joke to you I can kill your killer

  • XxAshley Gamer
    XxAshley Gamer 8 시간 전

    Where did you get theeeemmmmm please tell meeeeee

  • Truth And Relax
    Truth And Relax 8 시간 전

    It's a waste of money... Just get a iPod

  • Melwin Rivera
    Melwin Rivera 8 시간 전

    Anyone know if I can change my iPhone 8+ to a iPhone 7+ back.. tired of cracking glass. 🙏🏼

  • Cx News
    Cx News 8 시간 전

    I need one of these like actually so lemme know were to get one

  • Dave Trtywrs
    Dave Trtywrs 8 시간 전

    *BlvckPods Has joined the chat!*

  • AHAfni
    AHAfni 8 시간 전

    I dont now that poetic case??? I love it and don’t now the name of the cases plzz tell me ‘the clear one with a black line????’

  • zaid a
    zaid a 8 시간 전

    you mean iphone se