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  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 시간 전

    Arod still smooth

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 시간 전

    KOBE ALL DAY!!! No brainer -_-

  • reindeer games
    reindeer games 시간 전

    Y is carr crying everyone knows TB12 is staying in NE

  • D Muck
    D Muck 시간 전

    It’s so funny that he keeps thinking he is a franchise QB

  • King Tip
    King Tip 시간 전

    I only watch zion highlights

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 시간 전

    Khabib will always destroy Conor.

  • Tommy O'Rourke
    Tommy O'Rourke 시간 전

    Max and Stephen suck, simply hate ESPN, JW was like get me out of this segment

  • I Am
    I Am 시간 전

    Jordan answers like a boss as he is! GOAT

  • Assane Keita
    Assane Keita 시간 전

    Perk “I don’t want to see a role player take good shots in the clutch I want my superstar “ well said Sr

  • Got Game
    Got Game 시간 전

    These fools don’t even play football anymore

  • yvngthik
    yvngthik 시간 전

    This dog got a higher vertical than me 😔😔

  • Jaxon
    Jaxon 시간 전

    Any one who compares between Jordan Bryant and Lebron is a stupid moron. MJ answered that question correctly.

  • Jovhonte Jones
    Jovhonte Jones 시간 전

    The truth is that one-day some other QB will take his place. Even Joe Montana got booted for Young.

    CGE ALA'BEEZY ! 시간 전

    What if Kobe And Lebron played together

  • kenneth salter
    kenneth salter 시간 전

    Been holding on 2 DC 4 a long time...Seen this mans talent...Its just so inconsistent ...This last year there was a lot of plays he was over conservative on--He didn't even try on multiple plays to extent them...just threw it away...many a times...IDK if this is him or Gruden though..Feel like Chucky just want another Dilfer...Problem is we don't have the speed on D 2 play that game,,,Draft a Qb -Build a stronger faster D...No Brady!!...I do wish the best 4 the Goat...That would just contrast what the Nation is trying 2 build right now!!

  • LilChrisbox03
    LilChrisbox03 시간 전

    Similar to the Steelers vs Browns nfl game

  • Renee  Gardner
    Renee Gardner 시간 전

    Kobe ALL DAY 😎

  • Professor Facts
    Professor Facts 시간 전

    The new era is more challenging and more advanced then ever before even Mj knows that by a long shot, but Mj is smart by stating that the new era and old era is just passing the torch over and over .. Lebron James is better as a player point blank it’s not up for debate since pure facts has been proven. Although MJ will always earn his respect by what he did for the bulls. Zion Williamson is even better the game gets better and better

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez 시간 전

    I'm sorry I just don't have any respect for LeBron or this dumb chick that's a 20 years old running her mouth acting like she knows something about basketball enough is enough we all know the order and I'm sorry Kobe is the best next Jordan. Stop comparing LeBron to Kobe and Jordan he doesn't play like that he's nothing like them he is his own animal I love what he done he's an amazing player he's just not like them

    • Anthony Martinez
      Anthony Martinez 시간 전

      And on that note congrats to LeBron on passing kobe good job bro keep it up your different and embrace it Kobe and Jordan are one of the same their attitude will to win their Instinct and maybe you called Selfish Ball but it was amazing to watch and they're the only two that have that you LeBron you're killing your own way utila stat sheets you're very efficient you do things that pretty much no other players ever done in your own way but Kobe and Jordan are something special

  • whitesox130
    whitesox130 시간 전

    “Kendrick, I understand that you’re a little old school but the data says this” does it get any more condescending than that?

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez 시간 전

    The owner should be ashamed of he’s self you get Caught cheating you give up the trophy back Because it’s tainted Like you never won nothing.

  • Willie Thomas
    Willie Thomas 시간 전

    Wait you would take 5 losses over 5 wins?

  • TC 11
    TC 11 시간 전

    You can lash out all u want your great for the game

  • f3k_Muhammad
    f3k_Muhammad 시간 전

    Um ahh like I feel like these English / public speaking teachers as much as these people need to get punished ,because it's getting kind of annoying hearing people that get paid so much still talk like their children @1:50 And they get paid a hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year and they still talk like this Wow

  • LeBron James-Taco Tuesday in China

    Kobe was better and more exciting to watch. MJ>Kobe>Kawhi>ME

  • Andrew L Gardner
    Andrew L Gardner 시간 전

    Dude is a Kobe hater

  • C J 4 life
    C J 4 life 시간 전

    Of course people are gonna call him an average QB. "Peyton Manning'" is his older bro. For me tho, if you have 2 MVP titles I think "exceptional" is a better term to use.

  • WielderofPOWER
    WielderofPOWER 시간 전

    That's down right childish on her part

  • Kevin is Nice
    Kevin is Nice 시간 전

    Retire serena

  • BarrySTFUSrsly
    BarrySTFUSrsly 시간 전

    Why can't Kermit be this athletic?

  • Logan Jenner
    Logan Jenner 시간 전


  • Victor P
    Victor P 시간 전

    Down goes the beast.

  • Brendan O'Callaghan

    I gotta get my hands on a Zion rookie card, what's the best brand these days? I think it was Fleet for MJ rookie card, what packet should I get these days, Google didn't give me a proper answer, help please!!

  • Odajed Tagatom
    Odajed Tagatom 시간 전

    If MJ is in this era in his prime, with all the sports science and facilities improvements, I bet with his in born talent he's still not only the most spectacular, but is the best out there .

  • Philip Dennis
    Philip Dennis 시간 전

    "We Was Robbed!!"

  • Termo
    Termo 시간 전

    Dak was awful in the eagles game missing wide open guys all over the field

  • Gab Lee
    Gab Lee 시간 전

    For those who think Kobe is more clutch, Kobe is more clutch in the regular season perhaps the most clutch, but Lebron is sooo much clutcher in the playoffs. Lebron has 8 playoff game winners to Kobe's 4 playoff game winners. Lebrons like 12-23 in the last 24 seconds to take the lead or tie the game, Kobe is 8-27. Lebron averages the most points per game in elimination games and game 7's, 7 more ppg than his career average, Kobe averages 2 less points in elimination games and game 7s than his career average.

  • Kareem Moore
    Kareem Moore 시간 전

    congrats brother

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG 시간 전

    Morant is doing a lot more with a lot less and if Zion wins ROY it will be a publicity stunt, and will totally devalue the award.

  • Alan Quintero
    Alan Quintero 시간 전

    She needs to work on her first service, she plays good but her service was realy bad.

  • The real Mvp
    The real Mvp 시간 전

    What? Y’all ni$$as Tripping I’m out 🤟🏾

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost 시간 전

    Man with all the tough talk just seen a video of SAS hitting the mitts man that mf can't fight!!

  • Laura Patricia De los Santos Díaz

    I feel like Naomi is going trough something. I hope she can make it work.

  • Paco A
    Paco A 시간 전


  • Andreas Prayogo
    Andreas Prayogo 시간 전

    Don't comparing MJ with LBJ, Michael Jordan is The Best and every younger player imitate Him, but cannnot imitate His Industrial Business with Billion Dollar Profit with Nike, Gatorade etc, etc. He attractive every Human in the world to know.. to like.. and to love playing Basket. That's why young player follow his dream tobecome like Mike and try to over Him and wear His number 23.

  • les antoine
    les antoine 시간 전

    Zion is a good kid but it’s kinda sad to see him making so much effort with a shitty team

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez 시간 전

    They need to give up the Trophy 🏆what a disgrace.

    TROLL 시간 전

    assuming he's 100% healthy they could really push through to the playoffs. Why not? there's no guarantee you can make it there next year

  • ibr bak
    ibr bak 시간 전

    It's not even a spectacular stat line, why are they trying to act like he put up an amazing stat line "but it's not enough."

  • Jacob Dipietro
    Jacob Dipietro 시간 전

    When I watch jordan and lebron play I'm just more impressed with lebron, he does way more and get way more done on the court. Jordan was a godly scorer and a really good defender. Lebron is godly at everything you can think of.

  • Batmira Khan
    Batmira Khan 시간 전

    King James

  • Ojora Yetunde
    Ojora Yetunde 시간 전

    deontay wilder your best is in the air now ..fury will knock you out cold , you are in for it..rabbit punches won't safe you

  • Paradoxx
    Paradoxx 시간 전

    I know Dave Roberts is happy not all of the blame is going to him for the Dodgers WS losses lmao

  • GR8 GR8
    GR8 GR8 시간 전

    The media acting like Quinn Cook died or something SMH 😂

  • Regular Jo
    Regular Jo 시간 전

    It was nice having you around Cassidy... Lol

  • H V
    H V 시간 전

    Lmao!!!!!!add more loser's to the giant's!!!

  • 21JulioJonesMahomes21

    Kobe's career was a movie action packed start to finish 🐍 Bron has had a soap opera but at a good part right now

  • Ricardo Masvidal
    Ricardo Masvidal 시간 전

    Rich Paul is happy these players of his are making him rich

  • Rachaell Velasquez
    Rachaell Velasquez 시간 전

    Bengals need to draft him!...I’m sorry but Dalton hasn’t been the QB they need to accomplish goals like win a playoff game.

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG 시간 전

    I hope they're looking to buy knee braces for that kid.

  • Terry Brunk
    Terry Brunk 시간 전

    Stay humble Patrick. If you want to keep a great team around you 200 million dollars is not in your future

  • MrBlackghost34
    MrBlackghost34 시간 전

    Everyone now Jordan is the goat can someone please let Zeke no it just looks sad now

  • Briantroy Degroat
    Briantroy Degroat 시간 전


  • saintconnor
    saintconnor 시간 전

    they could, please do, bengals.

  • Jaylin Craighead
    Jaylin Craighead 시간 전

    Rachel: Take a Listen Kevin:

  • Termo
    Termo 시간 전

    Dak is average no way worth top pay he couldn't win a big game for them all year and don't give me the rams because they were dodo this year!

  • ross hunt
    ross hunt 시간 전

    Zion looking like Thanos

  • PaulGreen11
    PaulGreen11 시간 전

    NOT BEFORE HAROLD CARMICHAEL! Harold Carmichael retired 5th All Time in reciprocations!!

  • kataher
    kataher 시간 전

    Kobe played defense and in the west his whole career... End of conversation

  • Ben2bwild
    Ben2bwild 시간 전

    Kyrie is a better scorer than Harden. He can score in every way without the flopping for free throws.

  • H20
    H20 시간 전

    Kobe all day

  • Truth Reigns Forever

    Cori Gauff stands a chance to become the “youngest grand slam champion ever” at 15 years 325 doing so breaking Martina Hingis’s record......edit: which is 16 years and 100 plus days.

  • MrChase021
    MrChase021 시간 전

    is iggy just choosing not to play??

  • Sage4rmbrklyn
    Sage4rmbrklyn 시간 전

    I love you Kyrie but your a ball hog

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG 시간 전

    Zions knees are going to be two fried eggs before he turns 25

  • E1iteChaos
    E1iteChaos 시간 전

    Y’all lost this instead of LaVine when he popped of the most, even more than kyrie and you posted him too 🤦🏻‍♂️ LaVine so underrated cuz he plays for a trash team

  • Abhi Pokhrel
    Abhi Pokhrel 시간 전

    he said "ketchup and mustard" jerseys im dead LOL

  • Walter Barsamian
    Walter Barsamian 시간 전

    The Astros will be cursed for this scandal forever. They might have stolen this World Series from us but they will never and I mean never be in another one or win another win. Watch folks. Curses last and this one will. The Dodgers will plenty more before the Astros ever get into another one.

  • marquise carr
    marquise carr 시간 전

    I think more of a Joel embiid

  • Teagan Millsop
    Teagan Millsop 시간 전

    Too many wins Also 2nd guy is retarded

  • Atoz Family
    Atoz Family 시간 전

    Who the fuk are to say to no coward allow on this team .mann this coach is great he Never got chance to show how great coach he is .becuse of jerry Jone. Watch this year .

  • Jatutu Ebadon
    Jatutu Ebadon 시간 전

    I might heard it wrong but around 3:00 - 3:22 minute mark, I hear strong exchange of "Ugly" and "Wuhan" between the two

  • LifeLine Chronicles

    She plays very passionately it's a sure statement to say by the time she's 18 if not before she will be number 1 in the world

  • SmokeGoodEatGoodLiveGood

    He’s training for shannon sharpe😂

  • Bob Hasbrouck
    Bob Hasbrouck 시간 전

    Strip the title. Make them play the 2020 complete season on the road. No revenue for the Astros, including television. Hit Crane HARD! Major suspension for every guy who stepped in the box. Bring up the scrubs to play the season. Screw the apologies.

  • James Kim
    James Kim 시간 전

    good god, anything dan orlovsky says is just drivel

  • GURU
    GURU 시간 전

    We need him in Houston

  • Drip_2_Hard
    Drip_2_Hard 시간 전

    Shipping off their slaves by boat to their white masters

  • vergel manalac
    vergel manalac 시간 전

    Kobe mamba

  • MCF
    MCF 시간 전

    Tmac sorry but Bill Russell is the GOAT in terms of social issues. Nothing against LBJ at all, but this is not even close.

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG 시간 전

    Jordans get uglier every year, and the dudes that buy them typically suck at basketball and are image obsessed beta males.

  • Caleb Ashley
    Caleb Ashley 시간 전

    Send him to the Heat!

  • Mouse's SportsCards

    I guess cheaters really do win. Great example Commissioner. Then Keuchel? Apologises? That's the equivalent to the Astro hitters saying in unison "F you, pay me". Great example Commissioner.

  • david james
    david james 시간 전

    It is so hard to believe Dave Roberts is sooo stupid to be liberal. It is really frustrating too!

  • Adam C
    Adam C 시간 전

    Tua is sure to get hurt in the NFL. Lions should pass on him.

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust 시간 전

    Why are they Constantly Comparing these Black Players in this Manner? Each has their own style of play!

  • luis almodovar
    luis almodovar 시간 전

    Nice points in a losing effort. Great fundamentals.

  • Dan suds
    Dan suds 시간 전

    Both players played their hearts out. Excellent match. I think womens tennis today is above what we saw years ago.

  • jman
    jman 시간 전


  • Jojo Ashun
    Jojo Ashun 시간 전

    Imaging thinking Aaron Rodgers is better than Drew Brees