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SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event
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Everything Wrong With Paddington 2
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Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3
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CinemaSins & Mental Health America
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Everything Wrong With Citizen Kane
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Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941
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  • Jacobs Amv Collection

    Fucking pigs😂😂

  • Nervous Chorus Kid

    Is literally no one gonna talk about how 40 hours in the movie passes within like an hour in the movie's run-time?

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer 3 분 전

    The video won’t play? Is there a joke I’m not getting here?

  • Logan Dalmations
    Logan Dalmations 4 분 전

    the real sin is the tv edits. "I once even called my boss an, ***dramtic pause*** Airhead."

  • Jeff Morrison
    Jeff Morrison 4 분 전

    The red dodge has been switched between a half ton (1500) and a 3/4 ton (2500) several times through the movie

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer 4 분 전

    The video won’t play? Is there a joke I’m not getting here?

  • Dannyplays games
    Dannyplays games 6 분 전

    +15 sins for the wreckers who have the most noticeable vehicle forms ever

  • stringfellow hawk

    You don’t grab and jerk a clutch.

  • magicsinglez
    magicsinglez 8 분 전

    This is so funny. . . I’m high.

  • Jen Adams
    Jen Adams 9 분 전

    if they played Queen’s Live aid set it would be the best movie in the whole world

  • Jack Packwood
    Jack Packwood 11 분 전

    I like this movie

  • Batmanis Bailee
    Batmanis Bailee 11 분 전

    Is no one going to talk about the masterpiece that was far far away idol???

  • magicsinglez
    magicsinglez 14 분 전

    Only thing wrong with Running Win - it didn’t win Academy Award for best picture.

  • Najib barekzai
    Najib barekzai 14 분 전

    I'm still waiting for endgame

  • Horatio Griffin
    Horatio Griffin 14 분 전

    doing a cinemasins on birdemic is like beating a dead horse it was dead already

  • rthinds
    rthinds 17 분 전

    Too much pontification. These used to be funny. Now there's just too much diatribe as if he likes to hear himself talk. I couldn't watch the entire thing - waaay too annoying! Just STFU and get to the point!!

  • JD Smith
    JD Smith 17 분 전

    Truly one of the worst movies ever made, written, thought of.

  • Brian L
    Brian L 18 분 전

    Everything Wrong with Ghostbusters 2016. Read that first word again.

  • Mushroom Drug
    Mushroom Drug 20 분 전

    You mean the football player

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller 21 분 전

    Not a damn thing

  • luis ruiz
    luis ruiz 21 분 전

    Quentin Tarantino’s movies are so hard to watch. I cringe way too much.

  • Dima is a tree. Nova

    Anyone else ever watch CinemaSins even though you didn’t actually see the movie before but you watch the video anyways because you’re kinda interested in the movie but not interested enough to watch the whole entire movie?

  • Aimee
    Aimee 22 분 전

    Only 78 sins?! This movie is so wrong that it should be illegal!

  • GHOSTY !!!!?
    GHOSTY !!!!? 24 분 전

    I've shot movies with my phone that have been better than this

  • Ida DeLucia
    Ida DeLucia 26 분 전

    I missed a lot of this movie. I turned it on and ended up cleaning my kitchen instead. It just didn't seem good after I saw the actresses doing the same comedy they did on any other film.

  • Keyser Sozie
    Keyser Sozie 32 분 전

    Why didn't they burn the house down?? FYI. I was around that area about 2 years ago for work. The locals said the house is still there. Supposedly they change the address with the Post Office or something to that effect.

  • TJPRocks
    TJPRocks 33 분 전

    “All hogwarts students has survived all attempts at murder since year 1” Cedric?

  • Tyler Moore
    Tyler Moore 35 분 전

    You didn’t even pay attention to the movie lol

  • Tyler Moore
    Tyler Moore 36 분 전

    Are you serious... it’s a movie... could you nit pick anymore shit.

  • i write fanfiction, not essays !

    *y o u l y i n g w h o r e*

  • Johnathan Aubrey
    Johnathan Aubrey 41 분 전

    There is nothing wrong with Shrek

  • daquan carter
    daquan carter 41 분 전

    Do the final destination series !

  • Wo Lf
    Wo Lf 42 분 전

    100 sins for it being called karate kid when it is about Kung fu

  • Foxygamer 3457
    Foxygamer 3457 48 분 전

    Pun at 13:12 ?

  • No One Of Consequence

    Without a sex drive people find they have little to live for. I know it's a sad reality, but it's a reality. Kind of like the Apple manufacturing plant...

  • Mclovin 28
    Mclovin 28 50 분 전

    Everything wrong with Halloween: not a god damn thing

  • Brian L
    Brian L 53 분 전

    Bill Murray was in it because, as I recall, Sony was thinking about legal action against him if he didn't.

  • Xpgamer Jr
    Xpgamer Jr 54 분 전

    The hollows look so much like the look-see from crypt tv. Is that just me.

  • XxpoplocksxX
    XxpoplocksxX 55 분 전

    I watch the movie agian free

  • ⦑⦒
    ⦑⦒ 56 분 전

    you do understand that sending a probe through the stargate is the same as telling it to drive through a lead doorway right ????? It would still respond back with radio waves you wouldnt send it through the WHOLE galaxy when theres a open door right there

  • Bo Bandy
    Bo Bandy 57 분 전

    I know I watched this movie yet I don’t remember any of this stuff I guess it wasn’t good enough to pay attention lol

  • pennywise 982
    pennywise 982 시간 전

    Every thightel

  • Adamidis Vasilis
    Adamidis Vasilis 시간 전

    "Jesus is a dick to high school girls." LMFAO!!!

  • Lauren Grace
    Lauren Grace 시간 전

    Wrong. this movie is perfect and nothing you say can change my mind

  • Mother Time
    Mother Time 시간 전

    A lot of movies came out in 1999. Haha

  • Little Miss Pacifist

    Are we yada yadaing over the fact when was screaming the lost princesses name? With guards around him? DID THAT NOT AROUSE ANY SUSPICION?!?!

  • VC Parker
    VC Parker 시간 전

    This sin count has way more sins than the sin count for 50 shades of Gray

  • Trash Man
    Trash Man 시간 전


  • Michael Pipkin
    Michael Pipkin 시간 전

    The sex jokes in the beginning is great fuel. Perfect for this video.

  • Heyooo
    Heyooo 시간 전

    The only thing wrong here is that the "Everything Wrong With" in the intro ISN'T FUCKING CENTERED!

  • mintycream 325
    mintycream 325 시간 전

    Everything wrong with the everything wrong videos. "Hmmmm everything"

  • danny D
    danny D 시간 전

    I thought he did this movie already

  • Zachary O
    Zachary O 시간 전

    dued its easy to figure out the good transformers from the bad, just see which ones have bug faces and the ones that have normal ones simple

  • manuel freitas
    manuel freitas 시간 전

    876 sins for CinemaSins, one for each year of Portugal independence, but i can take 60 sins for the not so great years that some nobles decided that we should be ruled by the king of Spain! And in the wise words of CinemaSins, google is your friend! In 1976 was when Portugal had the modern constitution written, 2 years after a revolution that ended with 40 years of dictatorship, again not our greatest years!

  • bongformer sluys
    bongformer sluys 시간 전

    You wanna know the fear of the future??? Feminist zombies

  • TheEmeraldMinecrafter


  • Michael Giovinazzi
    Michael Giovinazzi 시간 전

    An additional suggestion to your little end credits. David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly ballroom dancing to Jennifer Connelly's cover of Dean Martin's Sway from Dark City. My guess is that that very suggestion wound up on the cuttingroom floor, because you didn't think anyone would get it or you didn't think it was funny enough.

  • liam the liam
    liam the liam 시간 전

    do it 2!!!!!

  • culex69
    culex69 시간 전

    Literally everything.

  • L0rd 0f Peen
    L0rd 0f Peen 시간 전

    There… is nothing wrong with shrek forever after

  • Native Son Wood Art

    This movie was painful and disappointing to watch i avoided it for a long time before i actually watched it and it was such a wasted effort with such good talent. Hope dan aykroyd will really make a true sequel to Ghostbusters soon.

  • Elijah Reyes
    Elijah Reyes 시간 전

    Breathing air clechie

  • Ж0ИЯЛБ
    Ж0ИЯЛБ 시간 전


  • Hyicrotai
    Hyicrotai 시간 전

    Some scary imagery in this movie. I wonder if she only kills Spanish kids

  • (STUDENT)Seth Greene

    On the forty eighth sin it wasn’t it posing as Georgie pennywise was using Georgie as a puppet

  • DeathStroke
    DeathStroke 시간 전

    The music was dope

  • Isaac Burkett
    Isaac Burkett 시간 전

    You shouldn't make fun of religious moivies

  • snickle fritz
    snickle fritz 시간 전

    Nothing movie is flawless in every way

  • Uzair Khan124
    Uzair Khan124 시간 전

    Should have said “everything WONG with doctor strange”

  • Bootscauch
    Bootscauch 시간 전

    Do Steven Universe the Movie

  • The Snid
    The Snid 시간 전

    Ya like jazz?

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 시간 전

    Hulk is the red rock guy

  • Catherine 480
    Catherine 480 시간 전

    I was once dragged to a male strip club (and by “dragged” I mean it was my idea). It was all-nude and didn’t permit alcohol so I spent the night doing parking lot vodka shots in between lap dances from a guy named Tarzan.

    GRaFFiTi GAMINg 시간 전

    2:05 is it just me or would this dude be a good mr negative

  • amber l
    amber l 시간 전

    if you hate on richie i cry

  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler 시간 전

    Kudos to this movie for making me try to be as quiet as possible for about 20 minutes after it was over just to see how quiet I could be. The answer is that I died

  • Liam Delaney
    Liam Delaney 시간 전

    5:28 good thing she's 18 that day

  • AirborneX
    AirborneX 시간 전

    Ha theres a 69 at 10:25 😆

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 시간 전

    Why was there never a 3rd fantastic 4

  • Three Babies & A Toddler

    Wait for shrek 5

  • Juan Kuhn
    Juan Kuhn 시간 전

    "Despite all the talent involved" What talent? Bill Murray? Chris Hemsworth?

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 시간 전

    I miss tash,gave up her life just for a soul stone

  • Bytah ツ
    Bytah ツ 시간 전

    Don’t you mean everything *is* wrong with birdemic

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 시간 전

    I would just like to say . I enjoy your vids... but, you are obviously a anti American, globalist, trump hating, pro choice, atheist, climate change, liberal I think you should make it more clear to your fans... that your probably paid by some liberal elite to make the vids children should not watch such propaganda ...

  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks 시간 전

    Also can we sin their overly mechanical and robotic acting at 4:17? It doesn’t sound legitimately creepy and sounds like a robot imitating a human. I’m half expecting him to say beep boop. Anyway show more emotion, anger, anything! Just don’t sound robotic. It kills it.

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster 시간 전

    What this movie really needs is that sound effect that goes “boing, boing, boing”... fellas y’all know why.... y’all know!!!!

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 시간 전

    Cinema sins should be kung fu'd

  • Ashley Koester
    Ashley Koester 시간 전

    I'm just waiting for you to say something about the dudes weird ass bangs.

  • Nathaniel Knudtson
    Nathaniel Knudtson 시간 전

    CinemaSins: “Needs 50% luck to eat at Denny’s” Me: *remembers when I was pregnant and me and my boyfriend ordered $30 worth of chicken strips only to have the first one I eat still raw and was scared all night that was gonna kill my son* (FYI he’s currently 6 months. We survived)

  • magicsinglez
    magicsinglez 시간 전

    None of the girls is dating me. Well, if they’re living in the same town, the guy would likely be aware of other professors/authors in that town, even if they’ve only sold 20 books.

  • Gregory Hembree
    Gregory Hembree 시간 전

    Worst fucking shit ever

  • BLAZEgaming yt
    BLAZEgaming yt 시간 전

    Bruce Lee could play ping pong with nunchucks

  • Lynn V.
    Lynn V. 시간 전

    I liked the movie back in the day forgot Bout his horrible attempt at the southern accent 😂😂😂

  • The Snow Plow Show
    The Snow Plow Show 시간 전

    Re-uploads make people unsubscribe. Bye!

  • Amiguito
    Amiguito 시간 전

    No matter what you say this is a great movie

  • Husky with swag and Sunglasses

    5:34 Ummm... is this movie for kids?

  • Mike Cronis
    Mike Cronis 시간 전

    A little too harsh on this masterpiece of effort, never before attempted.

  • Alexis Leininger
    Alexis Leininger 시간 전

    HA! 1991 was the year when Sonic the Hedge was created, just FYI. Prime has Sonic X

  • Brice Burnett
    Brice Burnett 시간 전

    A better title for this video would be "Non-Stop snarky comments and ill-fitting criticism about Jaws in 9 minutes or less"

  • Glitter
    Glitter 시간 전

    This "movie" was nothing but left wing liberal Democrat party propaganda.