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  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp 21 초 전

    Should’ve given them apricot labashak. For me, it’s the best flavour because it’s got a balance between sweet and sour. It’s like heaven in your mouth when you let it melt on your tongue. Other flavours I like are sour cherry and plum. My favourite type of labashak is the tiny rectangle ones that you can get in places up in the mountains, like Mosoleh, inside cups and that you eat with tiny plastic forks. I don’t know a better way to describe it so you’ll probably have to look it up for a more accurate view of what I’m talking about. I apologise for any bad grammar or any broken English, it is my third language.

  • Oana-Maria Uliu
    Oana-Maria Uliu 6 분 전

    I don't like eating fudge either, but I think it's ok in cakes or icecream...

  • Kang RaHee
    Kang RaHee 7 분 전

    브리야 사랑해💗

  • Laura Spoonie Vlogs

    The best inro everrrr!!

  • Anonymous Conservative

    That third story about the surrogacy had me literally stop mid way through my set of my deadlift and I was like "oh." Thank God no one was watching.

  • Katzalin Olcoz
    Katzalin Olcoz 15 분 전


  • Irene Mar
    Irene Mar 25 분 전

    If you made a podcast I would definitely listen to it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one! Just leaving the idea here 😍

  • Starry 2323
    Starry 2323 25 분 전

    Holy... I just noticed the grandma in the background

  • Lotus14106
    Lotus14106 26 분 전

    I'm just watching two men feeding each other...

  • AL EX
    AL EX 41 분 전

    4:40 ollie ollie ollieeeee 😂😂😂

  • 꿈귤Curious Kyuree

    저는 두리안 뷔페까지 가서 종류별로 먹기도 한... 두리안♥️ 그의 사촌인 잭프루트는 알레르기가 있어서 못 먹어요 ㅠㅠ 아쉽...

  • Carl Jharris Diangco

    Next year I'm planning to enter the seminary, Can i get a Goodluck?

  • Mari
    Mari 47 분 전

    They didn't even finish bad guy... OwO

  • 김크리적진이
    김크리적진이 54 분 전

    i'm just here to say, "I LOVE JOLLIBEE."

  • hya cinth
    hya cinth 시간 전

    오늘따라 조쉬는 해리포터, 올리는 론같아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 조쉬와 올리의 mbti가 어떤건지 보고싶어요!!!(올리는 enfp일듯...ㅎ)

  • Peter Hansen
    Peter Hansen 시간 전

    Native durian, love it !

  • Wow Poops
    Wow Poops 시간 전

    1st, he has seen God is a woman, now Billie Eilish? I'm going to hell xD

  • green light
    green light 시간 전

    This is wht autism looks like

  • Chibi Cat
    Chibi Cat 시간 전

    I've given this video at least over 50 views and I still cannot stop laughing XD

  • Alina Janiec-Janicki

    Hearing Josh's high pitched laugh makes me laugh twice as hard

  • DEMONetized Demon
    DEMONetized Demon 시간 전

    Ew kpop, that's fucking disgusting

  • Dorothy
    Dorothy 시간 전

    Did rev chris just came out of hibernation?

  • Love.Angel.MusicLady

    I love hearing Rev Chris talk. Everything he says is wise and I always feel so happy after listening to him 😄

  • 이강민
    이강민 시간 전

    9:42 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Kommunisto Adov
    Kommunisto Adov 시간 전

    Watch the video LENINGRAD - i_ $ uss (with English subtitles), please. You must see it!

  • Abigail Elder
    Abigail Elder 시간 전

    Thank you Ollie for putting yourself out there for our entertainment! You're a brave guy! part 2 would be excellent!

  • Nicklas Nylander
    Nicklas Nylander 시간 전


  • Sarah Kupka
    Sarah Kupka 시간 전

    I agree with Ollie! Down with the rogue raisins! ㅋㅋ

  • Blue Wolfard
    Blue Wolfard 시간 전

    Yes! Show the poor man some memes! I have some homemade memes on Pinterest. Here's a link, in case you guys see this comment:

  • w W w • 23 years ago

    4:43 He's so cute. It's like one of the best reaction videos I've ever seen. 😍🤣

  • C0nstitutional Bean
    C0nstitutional Bean 2 시간 전

    Finna swipe me that queen Elizabeth Statue.

  • Nataloo Bangtan 아 미

    I feel like most vegans don’t eat substitutes but this video wasn’t about vegans lol it’s about the weird substitutes they found😂

  • Marna Hansen
    Marna Hansen 2 시간 전

    kinda wish someone could buy them for me

  • Juliann Beepot
    Juliann Beepot 2 시간 전

    5:50-7:15 touched me love it!🙌🏻❤️💯💯💯

  • Juliann Beepot
    Juliann Beepot 2 시간 전

    He’s one down to earth priest! ❤️💯

  • Juliann Beepot
    Juliann Beepot 2 시간 전

    Omg she’s brave with the spider in her mouth😂😩😩😅

  • Kate Franklin
    Kate Franklin 2 시간 전

    That was so funny, I laughed so hard

  • Tsakane Shikwambana
    Tsakane Shikwambana 2 시간 전

    Oh my gosh we need a part 2

  • Deeply Marinated
    Deeply Marinated 2 시간 전

    is it just me or do hairless animals still look cute but a different cute???

  • Madeleine Raslan
    Madeleine Raslan 2 시간 전

    Hey guys! At 4:50 the comic is life of god from WEBTOON, can you do an episode where he reacts to the comic? I think his reflections would be interesting and I think it’d be very funny too!

  • Вова Алекскандров

    Watch the video LENINGRAD - i_ $uss (with English subtitles), please. I’m very interested in your opinion on this video.

  • D S
    D S 2 시간 전

    She looks just evil.

  • Runnu Sinha
    Runnu Sinha 2 시간 전

    Ollie is so precious. 😊😊

  • Cat-ostrophe
    Cat-ostrophe 2 시간 전

    Jolly for strictly come dancing 2020. What do you think?

    NITAL CHORDIA 2 시간 전

    Please react to indian music

  • Nicklas Nylander
    Nicklas Nylander 2 시간 전

    best 15 mins on youtube

  • Alexis Park
    Alexis Park 2 시간 전

    Need more of these meme review content with the twins!!!

  • rock roll
    rock roll 2 시간 전

    it's like seeing a bigger brother trying to be funny to make his sister laugh.

  • Faith Park
    Faith Park 2 시간 전

    퍼지 사 놓고 왜 싸워요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Erin Sohn
    Erin Sohn 2 시간 전

    As a very old person I'm too wise to do this but I have seen my kids play this with their cousins and laughed my head off!

  • Катя Митрошина

    Watch the video LENINGRAD - i_ $uss (with English subtitles), please. I’m very interested in your opinion on this video.

  • Taccco piu
    Taccco piu 2 시간 전

    Watch the video LENINGRAD I_$uss(with English subtitles), please. I think it will be very cool!👌

  • DeadStatix
    DeadStatix 2 시간 전

    He is like Master Yoda level headed thinking, one of the best none judging priests in the UK!

  • Suwon Seo
    Suwon Seo 2 시간 전

    사탕 캔디 문구 점 앞 오락기 비디오방 PC 방 도박 꾼 알코올 중독 등등.. 이미 한국에 사람들의 삶을 끌어당기는(Dragging) 마약 같은 요소(Pin point location)가 많이 있어요. 우리 모두 조심합니다.

  • chi chi
    chi chi 2 시간 전

    Thank you on your honest opinion. Please try their peach mango pie and pineapple juice next time you visit jollibee. It's so good.

  • Joy Dull-Bond-Trick
    Joy Dull-Bond-Trick 2 시간 전

    Have you guys heard of MK Ultra mind control? This is what you are seeing. She is being human the music industry. Do your homework. Is your intention to help people discern, or to be funny. Not sure. Yes, she is dealing with MUCH darkness... satan worshiping.

  • Lazy Person ÙwÚ
    Lazy Person ÙwÚ 2 시간 전


  • Joy Dull-Bond-Trick
    Joy Dull-Bond-Trick 3 시간 전

    1:14: baggy clothes - an agenda to do away with gender. Everyone is androgenist. Satanic.

  • HJ Jung
    HJ Jung 3 시간 전

    is that kölsch, german guys?

  • Rve
    Rve 3 시간 전

    Are they on drugs?

  • 김삐빅
    김삐빅 3 시간 전

    HELLO, I'm a Korean Jollybean and I'm also the fan of TWICE, and TWICE is gonna relase a new song named Feel Special! It's quite different with their previous songs and also has deep meanings in their lyrics so I'm asking you to review the MV with Rev.Chris on the Jolly channel! If you do so, I think I would be extremely happy to see it :)

  • piccolo mondo
    piccolo mondo 3 시간 전

    You guys have to get Giotto. And Hanuta. So so good

  • Shostakovich33
    Shostakovich33 3 시간 전

    Keep the facial hair Rev. Chris!

  • 애몽
    애몽 3 시간 전

    덜 기름지다니까 치킨은 먹어보고싶다 소스에...

  • Erin Sohn
    Erin Sohn 3 시간 전

    As an American who originated in Korea, I'm conflicted. I love your Korean mukbang but I think your assessment of American snacks and candy is shallow. You should ask Americans what the most popular snacks and candy are before critiquing. Most of what you tried, we don't ever eat! We would never let our kids eat them, not that they would be tempted to do so. Pretzel M&M are the exception!

  • suzanna Lytle
    suzanna Lytle 3 시간 전

    The black current was banned in the US until recently because it was believed to have attacked one of the native pine trees with a fungus and in doing so threatened the timber industry.

  • Daffi dude
    Daffi dude 3 시간 전

    Jolly= put indonesian word on the title Indonesians=dId yOU CAll mE (Sorry my english bad af)

  • 일곱죄악
    일곱죄악 3 시간 전

    아기 귀여웡

  • The Mysterious Falon
    The Mysterious Falon 3 시간 전

    what i'd like to know is how does Rev chris think about transgender?

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mc 3 시간 전

    The fathers palette is far more developed because of age

  • Мария Нестерова

    Watch the video LENINGRAD - i_ $ uss (with English subtitles), please. I’m very interested in the opinion of Rev. Chris about this video.

  • Мария Нестерова

    Watch the video "To live" (#ЖИТЬ), please. I think that watching this video Rev. Chris will cry!비디오.html P.S. I'm probably an evil person, since I really want to see his tears on the camera ...)))

  • StanleY승연 TV
    StanleY승연 TV 3 시간 전

    You have to be careful with the word '조쉬' because ... lol

  • Neha _Neha
    Neha _Neha 3 시간 전

    I'm literally binge watching all these videos with rev. Chris and I'm not even Christian, I'm muslim.

  • Milla Suini
    Milla Suini 3 시간 전

    This isone of the reasons why a lot of people use water to wash the poop away!

  • Nicklas Nylander
    Nicklas Nylander 3 시간 전


  • 김가현
    김가현 3 시간 전

    I WANT FUDGE I WANT FUDGE I AM STUCK IB KOREA I WANT FUDGE!!!!!! I MISS FUDGE 왜 너네들만 먹냐규!!! 나도 fudge짱 좋아한다구!!!!!! 나두줘 한국 fudge들은 그냥 플라스틱 먹는것 같아요.... 살려줘... NOT FAAAAAAAIR! SOBSOB

  • Цвети Батева

    The just look as ugly as us

  • EvilGrin
    EvilGrin 3 시간 전

    0:35 someone tell tell the joke pls!

  • Dylan Britt
    Dylan Britt 3 시간 전

    When you go to the comments to see if anyone said anything about the creepy ass grandma in the background 😂

  • AndreaaaNS
    AndreaaaNS 3 시간 전

    Can you guys do a video where rev Chris reviews Lucifer the tv series?

  • Mr Fanty
    Mr Fanty 4 시간 전

    I was like this cheese has to be very strong and 1 min later i look at the cheese name and was like wtf I’m eating this cheese almost every day to breakfast to school and was like this cheese is not even low strong wtf

  • vai ficar tudo bem
    vai ficar tudo bem 4 시간 전

    Vai ficar tudo bem, Billie😂😂

  • Lulu M Jannah
    Lulu M Jannah 4 시간 전

    watch this video made me realize that there are a lot of books ain’t read yet

  • Sarah Coleman
    Sarah Coleman 4 시간 전

    I like that Rev Chris is the one who is like, "You didn't film the haircut?! Think of the missed ad revenue!" XD

  • 티모디루
    티모디루 4 시간 전

    퍼지가 어떤 음식이죠?

  • xiaokhat
    xiaokhat 4 시간 전

    OMG Ollie, you nailed it! Raisins doesn't improve anything! Imagine raisins on toast, or on spaghetti. It is the worst combination ever!

  • Niamh Villemain
    Niamh Villemain 4 시간 전

    Could he react to the series Lucifer ?

  • öko style
    öko style 4 시간 전

    You got lucky with lam/air mozambique because normally its the worst experience you can have

  • Taufiq Othman
    Taufiq Othman 4 시간 전

    I can't believe there is a guy complaining about being reverse catfished by a girl who he assumed to be fat.

  • Master Lavellan
    Master Lavellan 4 시간 전

    9:50 the sheer confusion in Ollie's face xD

  • 모라구지어야대지

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ올리 티셔츠에 그려져있는 얼굴(?) 그림 동영상에 디카프리오가 그린 그림 같아서 웃겨요

  • pintora pintora
    pintora pintora 4 시간 전

    가즈란것은 스페인의 뚜론 비슷한 느낌이예요^^ 여러 문화 소개시켜주시는거 넘 좋아요~~^^

  • Tessa awesome
    Tessa awesome 4 시간 전

    They actually reacted to this wow

  • Actual Archer
    Actual Archer 4 시간 전

    I feel obliged to look at the subtitles

  • Free Fries
    Free Fries 4 시간 전

    the look of absolute uwu on ollie's face when he saw josh's picture on 4:46 is so freaking cute *_* T_T

  • Nixxa of Maribor
    Nixxa of Maribor 4 시간 전

    Bias and couple of years! I had a biases for good 10 years now xdd

  • Crazy Cooconuts
    Crazy Cooconuts 5 시간 전

    That last one would be great for places like Disney

  • EmmaKim TV
    EmmaKim TV 5 시간 전

    7:45 Me after knowing my grades

  • Clarence Loie Prima
    Clarence Loie Prima 5 시간 전

    This channel needs to get more views.