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Winter Bear by V
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  • Kim Jennhyung Hai
    Kim Jennhyung Hai 시간 전

    😍😍they are soo cute..!! Buy superb cute and bubbly mah baby taehyung😘😘mwaaahh💋💋

  • Gina Lienn
    Gina Lienn 시간 전

    Jimin 😍🤤

  • daniela martínez
    daniela martínez 시간 전

    they are cute I love them


    Jimin chilll😩😩🥵🥵

  • Ana g
    Ana g 시간 전


  • Ririn Dewi L.
    Ririn Dewi L. 시간 전

    since your debut, you can get the Daesang, BTS in 2013

  • Liv G
    Liv G 시간 전

    Jhope looked like he was gonna kill someone

  • tk
    tk 시간 전

    rm's part destoryed this beautiful song nono

  • mandi kin
    mandi kin 시간 전

    Luv it😍😍😍taehyung is too precious for this world😭

  • Cryzza n' Nathaniel

    "Taehyung" Meet the chanelle and gucci everyone👏👏

  • arjuna003
    arjuna003 시간 전

    Omg. How cute <3 <3

  • Chewbacca Mrinalini

    Everybody: wooww the boys!! So cute!!❤️❤️ Me: OMG the boys.!!!❤️❤️❤️ THE MUSIICCC.!!! 🤤🤤🤤❤️❤️❤️ ps.. what's the song title???

  • imaan louw
    imaan louw 시간 전

    29:07 This is when it gets funny🤣😅👌👌

  • nausheen kausar
    nausheen kausar 시간 전

    every body stoppppp and just watch suga becoming meaow..... ahhhhhhh

  • Cindy Viona
    Cindy Viona 시간 전

    So cute..

  • ع حميد كاظم


  • Novi puspita
    Novi puspita 시간 전

    So cuteee unchhhh......😘😘😘😍😍😍

  • Disha deolwar
    Disha deolwar 시간 전

    Boys are looking more beautiful then the girl!

  • Летта Letta
    Летта Letta 시간 전


  • S
    S 시간 전

    Ma che gnocco ❤️

  • Alexie Léonard
    Alexie Léonard 시간 전

    If these gets to be Nendoroids, I WANT SOME * 0*

  • Alexandra Reasons guerrero

    Aaaa que ternura Tae asta cagandola es lindo

  • Sonya Park
    Sonya Park 시간 전

    So cute I love you BTS❤️❤️😍😊

  • Fatima K
    Fatima K 시간 전

    Jk cute 😍

  • gabi BiTies
    gabi BiTies 시간 전


  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전

    It looks like Jin and Jungkook are a couple I-

  • ليان الاسمراني

    السلام عليكم

  • TAE انا احبك BTS املاك

    نبي جزء ثاني حاتا لو يطوول بليززز سوي على اغنيه fake Love

  • Saida Hary
    Saida Hary 시간 전


  • Michaeljackson Ismylife58

    Que asco

  • Alvaro Córdoba Carrillo

    Dale likesi eres de Colombia y hablas español y amas BTS😍😍😻😻

  • Bouchra Alatouni
    Bouchra Alatouni 시간 전

    Ilove you v tata tae 😇😇💜💜💜💚💚💚❤

  • Winter Bear
    Winter Bear 시간 전

    This vid is trending in YT Indonesia

  • Gimbapsae
    Gimbapsae 시간 전

    I used to be mad at RM for this song. Holy Fuck, now I love this song.

  • رين -سان
    رين -سان 시간 전

    هههه كيوت

  • Mysterygirl7777
    Mysterygirl7777 시간 전

    #JIN love you to infinity and beyond...cutiekins ...Yoongi & Jin = bff goals

  • kpop fan
    kpop fan 시간 전

    Tae my cute alien 👽❤

  • _._.Andy_ Neko_._.17

    Jungkook apenas y se mueve XD aún Haci lo amo 😅

  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전

    They are not wrong tho

  • #Nikeyt shnic#
    #Nikeyt shnic# 시간 전

    Вы дизлайки накручиваете, что ли? (Поставьте лайк, пусть иностранцы подумают, что я что-то крутое написала)

  • • tαє ѕuвlímínαlѕ •

    I was screaming and my mom told me to shut up

  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전

    I like how we Army are calling

  • Marcio Jose
    Marcio Jose 시간 전

    Q merda vei. Testosterona ai é bem baixa

  • Shima
    Shima 시간 전

    What is the name of first music ?

  • Omodolapo June
    Omodolapo June 시간 전

    Those that dislike it are idiots, am sorry to say

  • Alia Garcia
    Alia Garcia 시간 전


  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전

    3:55 I thought I will die in peace but I thought wrong

  • Annabel Luv TaeTae
    Annabel Luv TaeTae 시간 전

    almost 5m....this is how much we miss V

  • Колянджо Иванов


  • busan boyfriends twice

    jimin and hoseok omg so cute

  • taetae
    taetae 시간 전

    What its wrong with me i like bts and after this video I just cringed lol

  • Br ARMYmøčhį
    Br ARMYmøčhį 시간 전

    Como faz pra para de ver isso

  • mandi kin
    mandi kin 시간 전

    October 2019 still listening to this soulful voice😍taehyung u r amazing singer💜👊

  • Jenifer vanhoy Jenifer vanhoy


  • Namjoon's ignored handshake

    The 95z were such babies in this video and now they have become daddy long legs. They went from dimine and TaeTae to His highness Park Jimin the first and Lord Kim Taehyung the first

  • LILA _JIN Ramos
    LILA _JIN Ramos 시간 전

    Jinkook💜🥰 I love Seokjin 😍 you are so handsome

  • Anahi kawai Andrade flores


  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전

    Aaaw so cute with his friends

  • Gülüşün . nefesim

    Yaa jimini gorunce gul.ek krizine girdim 😄😄😄

  • Sri Jeri
    Sri Jeri 시간 전

    Is that V who laugh at Jimin? I think V was recording jimin, that's why jimin being playful. They were being goofy together i think.

  • 5813 jmjk
    5813 jmjk 시간 전

    지민이가 행복하니까 그런 지민이보고 나도 행복해질거야 나는 지민이 닮을거니까

  • 艾畅
    艾畅 시간 전

    Wew Jhope slayed his part 😍😍

  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전


  • Candace Swart
    Candace Swart 시간 전

    Sorry jimin couldnt help it

  • J-Hope biased
    J-Hope biased 시간 전

    😄😄😄😄😍😍so cute

  • sadie Morgan
    sadie Morgan 시간 전

    Our perfect photographer 📸😍

  • No Profile Pic
    No Profile Pic 시간 전

    Who else knew this song BEFORE Jimin's Vlive?

  • Candace Swart
    Candace Swart 시간 전

    We really are little shits for all sneaking over here when jimin asked us so nicely not to🤣🤣🤣

  • Kookie Babe
    Kookie Babe 시간 전

    This mv was released at the 1000th day taehyung told the fandom that his grandma died... the video’s in the mv are from america, amsterdam , germany when he was still with her... in the mv you can see him walking back for several times which means he wishes to go back to the days while he was still with her. ~ winter bear

  • JA ForeverBTS
    JA ForeverBTS 시간 전

    Not knowing what they are saying but still listening♥️🙃they clap and I clap 🤪💜

  • Free 2 Win
    Free 2 Win 시간 전

    Wtf están re drogados

  • Natalia Elizabetha Cortés López

    Como que me sobra un riñón.

  • Nicsa Oterrac
    Nicsa Oterrac 시간 전

    God, it appear an Idol’s sponsor and I’m like 🤤

  • mandi kin
    mandi kin 시간 전

    October 2019 im still here bbe bear Ur soulful voice brought me here

  • Ceyran Nezerli
    Ceyran Nezerli 시간 전

    RM on fire💎💎💖💖💖😍😍🥰🥰🥰👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Arab Army
    Arab Army 시간 전


  • Marion Medeiros
    Marion Medeiros 시간 전

    I really love this song😢🤧❤️❤️❤️

  • hanana na
    hanana na 시간 전

    here to mention again I refuse to believe jin is the oldest!!!!

  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전

    0:50 R U D E

  • Annabel Luv TaeTae
    Annabel Luv TaeTae 시간 전

    baby bear deserves 50m by his special day in December.....

  • chimmy mochi
    chimmy mochi 시간 전

    JIMIN: don't watch it!! NO!! army:ok!!👌🏻💜🖤 . . . . 1minute after Jimin vlive end ARMY: LETS WATCH IT'S!!😝

  • Captain Sanha
    Captain Sanha 시간 전

    they all look so good i'm siCK. uGG S I C K

  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전

    That's the most beautiful song ever: BTS: Shallow make mi casa

  • She Ro
    She Ro 시간 전

    The cutest thing that I have aver seen! And Taehyung’s fall at the end is just precious

  • Bread Jin
    Bread Jin 시간 전

    seokjin meu anjo, você merece o mundo todo

  • Junar Novelero
    Junar Novelero 시간 전

    Talking about the luckiest girl in the universe? Girl in Blue!

  • اا ااا
    اا ااا 시간 전


  • mandi kin
    mandi kin 시간 전

    October but im still here cuz of tae's beautiful voice😍luv it sm

  • اا ااا
    اا ااا 시간 전

    هلا بالشواذ

  • وعد bts
    وعد bts 시간 전

    كيوووووووووووووووووووووووووت😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤... BTS love 💜💜😭

  • Janett Galvez
    Janett Galvez 시간 전

    Tan lindos Jimin y V!!!!! Hermosos y simpáticos!!! 💜🌹

  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 시간 전

    0:49 Namjoon was like ”the fuck”

  • Juana02 Claveria
    Juana02 Claveria 시간 전

    Chinos putos way

  • k-poper playlistes
    k-poper playlistes 시간 전

    This is so F*CKING CUTE UWU 🥺😭

  • la loca por asiaticos

    Sjksns wn los muñecos me los esperaba como los del video, cuando vi como eran en realidad me queria suicidar gente xd

  • Juana02 Claveria
    Juana02 Claveria 시간 전

    Los odio

  • Juana02 Claveria
    Juana02 Claveria 시간 전

    Quién lo quiere bts putos

  • the cute cat lisa
    the cute cat lisa 시간 전

    Soooo cute hhhh