The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • Brandon Stinson

    Not only does Colin not have Houston as #1 they're not even in the top 8...Colin officially knows nothing about basketball smh

  • Brandon Stinson
    Brandon Stinson 4 분 전

    He would've been the top guy if it wasn't for the thigh injury. Yes he was final mvp however he barely made it thru the playofffs with it and it's still a question mark

  • Kyle Hol.
    Kyle Hol. 4 분 전

    These calls were constantly in favor of the packers. They got lucky period. The lions where beating them the entire game.

  • ash.
    ash. 4 분 전

    S A C R A M E N T O

  • dabmaster420 puff puff pass

    People who are tired of the "if you click here" 👇

  • Riley Cooper
    Riley Cooper 9 분 전

    Luka was a baby last year and plays in the West. No wonder he didn’t make the playoffs. Lame argument

  • JustDavidTV
    JustDavidTV 11 분 전

    so Rockets missing playoffs? this guy is lost. give that guy a map!

  • Chicken Biscuits
    Chicken Biscuits 15 분 전

    My Predictions: 1. Lakers 63-19 2. Clippers 58-24 3. Nuggets 55-27 4. Jazz 54-28 5. Warriors 52-30 6. Rockets 49-33 7. Trail Blazers 48-34 8. Mavericks or Spurs 45-37

  • Carson Cook
    Carson Cook 16 분 전

    Nick Wright is such an idiot.

  • Robert Zurawski
    Robert Zurawski 21 분 전

    Saying kawhi broke up the warriors is laughable

  • SanicJunior
    SanicJunior 25 분 전

    Did he forget the rockets

  • iam other
    iam other 25 분 전

    What’s this guy smoking

  • SanicJunior
    SanicJunior 26 분 전

    You really have the houston rockets out of the playoffs Colin sometimes has brain damedge

  • Dee Williams
    Dee Williams 33 분 전

    Lakers 🔥🔥

  • Jacob
    Jacob 41 분 전

    Can we get bill Simmons on the herd please

  • Based Celery
    Based Celery 44 분 전

    Wow so the revisionist historians are already going with Kawhi destroying and ending the Warriors? Lmao.. it definitely wasn't because their best player didn't play all but 11 minutes? Ok. Nevermind that the Spurs team the Heat lost to was still Tim Duncan's through and through

  • Anthony Broaddus
    Anthony Broaddus 45 분 전

    I personally don’t think ND has hit its window. It’s not like they’re landing Division ll players. Look at how many players Kelly has sent to the NFL. Notre Dame has ALWAYS landed blue chip players and sent players to the NFL, even when they stank under Faust, Willingham, and Weiss. Heck, Lou Holtz had Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl his second year with Faust’s players. Heck, Notre Dame almost beat PENN STATE his first year. Penn State won the championship that year. Lou had a championship ring the following year after going to the Cotton Bowl. Sixty percent of those players on that championship team were Faust’s recruits. So yeah, Notre Dame has always had the studs. In any case, I feel that if Coach Kelly stays for at least five more years, they have a legitimate chance to win a national championship. He has the talent. Heck, Weiss had the talent to win a championship. He just couldn’t coach.

  • Cy_anide
    Cy_anide 46 분 전

    So can we stop acting like New Orleans did even an average job of putting talent around AD. He has the 3rd best PER not in the last few seasons. Not in the last decade. Not since the start of the millennium, but in ALL OF NBA HISTORY!! AD clicked with Boogie & Rondo, what did the Pelucans do you ask? Let both of them walk for nothing lol.

  • curtis johnson
    curtis johnson 48 분 전

    I still don't understand Dak isn't a good QB unless he has a good receiver comparison. The only QB in the league that can win a Super Bowl with average receivers is Tom Brady. So if Aaron Rodgers need good receivers to win, why is that a knock against Dak! If Aaron Rodgers has a bad game, its because he doesn't have good receivers but that doesn't matter when it comes to Dak for some reason!!

  • Miles Kelley
    Miles Kelley 50 분 전

    Less Gottlieb... more Klatt.

  • MrKillercheese101
    MrKillercheese101 58 분 전

    Watch out Florida 👀

  • Ernie Long
    Ernie Long 시간 전

    1. Rockets 2. Lakers 3. Clippers 4. Nuggets 5. Warriors 6. Blazers 7. Jazz 8. Spurs

  • Renzo Oira
    Renzo Oira 시간 전

    Really? LAL didn't have enough shooters? Quin cook, Danny Green, and Troy Daniels are their elite shooters and they also have Avery Bradley, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Jared Dudley, KCP, Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma who can hit a 3. Heck! Even Javale and Rondo showed glimpse of shooting improvements this pre-season. This guy definitely just didn't like the Lakers or just plain dumb.

  • kiva Bolton
    kiva Bolton 시간 전

    HAS Collin EVER had a NFL job? But he knows what he talking ABOUT?

  • Abhishek Patil
    Abhishek Patil 시간 전

    Leonard is way too fragile to build a franchise around

  • bro vs bro
    bro vs bro 시간 전

    Your crazy What about John Wall And Anthony Davis is better than Kyrie Irving. I agree with Brandon Mason.

  • lamon kincade
    lamon kincade 시간 전

    We have many Russell Wilson and better your folk overlooked them, go back and look at a Nick Marshall only two years at Auburn, yes you’ll surprised we are not

  • Ground Beef
    Ground Beef 시간 전

    Colin looks like jon huntsman

  • M 27
    M 27 시간 전

    fact is even if klay was healthy let alone KD ...... raptors were not winning the title. Such a lucky title and it has overrated kawhi

  • Steven Meinking
    Steven Meinking 시간 전

    Why is Gottlieb doing football takes? He's a hoop guy. Didn't Doug get rekt by Aikman for his trash Luck take?

  • M 27
    M 27 시간 전

    you didnt like kawhi i remember ........ what happened lol what a joke

  • Fah Blizza
    Fah Blizza 2 시간 전

    The most misinformed debate I've ever watched. 2 people who try to act like they know exactly what they're talking about but don't.

  • Crazimir
    Crazimir 2 시간 전

    He is overlooking something - the teams recognize Kawhi's talent, but they do NOT trust the man. He is an enigma and as such unpredictable. I wouldn't choose him to start a franchise for that exact reason.

  • Steven Meinking
    Steven Meinking 2 시간 전

    Michael Westbrook is Colin's NBA Baker Mayfield. No Rockets in the Playoffs? Come on now. Mobley's face when Colin stated the prediction says it all.

  • Michael Pryor
    Michael Pryor 2 시간 전

    It doesn't matter how many flashy names you have on a team, if you don't win, nobody's interested. The Rams have seriously hindered their ability to build for future years. There are going to be big time salary cap issues, and the lack of top draft picks has left little ability for LA to secure young, elite talent. You've paid Goff, you've paid Donald, you've paid Cooks, and you've paid Gurley (who can't be effective without a halfway decent o-line). The Rams have no salary negotiation leverage with Ramsey, so they'll have to also pay him whatever he wants. Cooper Kupp's also going to need a new contract, and he's going to cost a lot of money too. How can you build an offensive line under these circumstances, especially given the fact that Whitworth's days are very numbered? How will you get better defensive backs, which, Jalen or not, are still needed? Jalen might help the Rams this year, but I'm still not sure he helps them make the playoffs. Unless pornstar Jimmy and/or Wilson get injured, the 49ers and Seahawks will take up the division crown and a wild card spot. Then you have Minnesota or Green Bay, Chicago, possibly Detroit, Carolina, and possibly Philadelphia or Dallas going for the second one. Jalen was a reactionary move by a team trying to save their season. He costs way too much for an already expense-ridden team down the line. There were better band-aid players out there to replace Talib.


    Rockets out of the playoffs?????? Colin may think about getting that Taco Bell PR job 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Starting a franchise with a one legged 27 years old Kawhi? No thanks 😊 in 3-4 years it’s gonna take to build the team Kawhi will be out of the league with a permanent quad degenerative issue

  • Bejtulah Sadiku
    Bejtulah Sadiku 2 시간 전

    So the rockets aren’t making the playoffs?

  • Life A Beach
    Life A Beach 2 시간 전

    Utah @ 2? 😂 keep dreaming dude even Portland will be better than Utah this season.

  • Lombremic
    Lombremic 2 시간 전

    Boomer rankings

  • Samuel Morse
    Samuel Morse 3 시간 전

    Toronto had the same winning percentage when Kawhi was out 20 games. He's great but there are a lot of great players. Put Kawhi on a team that is not as good as Toronto and he will miss the playoffs just like Lebrons Lakers last year.

  • Galactic Relic
    Galactic Relic 3 시간 전

    "Lakers don't have a bench" smh

    • Galactic Relic
      Galactic Relic 3 시간 전

      Quinn Cook, Caruso, Kuzma, Dudley, D Howard+ Troy Daneils, Rondo, KCP. Edit "They don't have any shooters" Green-40.4%, Cook-41.8%, Daniels-40%, Caruso- 39.8%, Dudley-39.3%, Bradley 36.4% and the majority of the rest shoot at +30%

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 시간 전

    Wtf nuggets aren’t the best lmao

  • Daryl Wright
    Daryl Wright 3 시간 전

    I agree with Joel Klatt about Lincoln Riley staying in college coaching, as well as ranking teams based on their 2019 performances only. Clemson at #7 sounds about right.

  • Amadeus Von Bronn
    Amadeus Von Bronn 3 시간 전

    They barely won, if it wasn’t for the luckiest shot in all of history they wouldn’t of. I will give you that win over the bucks because he did play a great part in neutralizing the greek freak but the only reason they beat the warriors lets be honest is cause they weren’t healthy klay and kd were hurt and they still took it to 6 games. The success of the raptors was built on the fact they had a deep bench and how well kawhi flowed with them but put him on any other team and that wouldn’t of happened. Yes the other two didn’t win but luca is young and has potential and davis is a really great player and probably the greatest 1 and done college player but you are correct I wouldn’t start a franchise with him but definitely a great pair player put him with someone who can feed him in pick and rolls like lebron and watch what he does this season.

  • ThatGuy ent.
    ThatGuy ent. 3 시간 전

    Kawhi is great but let's not act like the Warriors best players weren't injured.

  • Moe Shak
    Moe Shak 3 시간 전

    Randy orton

  • Christopher Yoon Kim
    Christopher Yoon Kim 4 시간 전

    32 teams and only 5-6 teams that are 'legitimate contenders' imo embarrassing... competition needs to increase. The likes of Chicago, Philly, Baltimore, Rams etc need to show some consistency.

  • Ophillia Balls
    Ophillia Balls 4 시간 전

    “Lakers don’t have enough shooters” Danny green Avery Bradley Kyle Kuzma KCP ? Troy Daniels Quinn Cook Jarred Dudley Alex Caruso

    • Ramonecash 100
      Ramonecash 100 시간 전

      There is a difference between shooting and shooting under pressure. Can half of those guys shoot when it counts ? Only two I see is Danny and Dudley the rest will fold when the lights are bright

    • Fah Blizza
      Fah Blizza 시간 전

      And at least 3 of those guys u named are ELITE shooters...this debate was full of inaccurate statements.

    • Steven Meinking
      Steven Meinking 2 시간 전

      Need moar! lol

  • isaiah cordova
    isaiah cordova 4 시간 전

    Thats probably why teams chose giannis over Leonard cause Leonard playing even 65 games is questionable availability is best ability

  • wiggywil
    wiggywil 4 시간 전

    Colin dont have the ROCKETS going to the playoffs...Colin, go see if TACO BELL is hiring...

  • Don Shep
    Don Shep 4 시간 전

    I agree with the GMs because when they are thinking about who they would want, they have to keep in mind that if you are not LA Leonard is leaving as soon as he can

  • Burt Gordon
    Burt Gordon 4 시간 전

    He's just a Brady hater. If Brady had Mahomes weapons he would've won. He won with the players he had, Edelman, Hogan, and banged up Gronk. Grow up Nick Wright. All things being equal Brady is still the best in big games. Nick is ready to send Mahomes to the Hall of Fame and other than earn a well deserved MVP award he hasn't accomplished anything. This is the pattern. A new mobile quarterback enters the league and he is the shiny new toy. He wins MVP. Then he gets hurt scrambling or holding the ball too long. A pocket passer wins the Super Bowl. Lather, rinse, repeat. Nick Wright and Shannon Sharpe worship the new toys because they hate Brady. Jealousy and anger because Brady crushes their dreams. Sharpe even makes it personal putting down Brady's personality. The guy is a class act. Sharpe just has a big mouth although he can't speak English. It's all jealousy.

  • Anto Miocevic
    Anto Miocevic 4 시간 전

    Brady is G.O.A.T.,but Aaron Rodgers is B.O.A.T!

  • willl 88
    willl 88 4 시간 전

    the enemy was you lol

  • Christopher Browne
    Christopher Browne 4 시간 전

    Colin, the reason nobody goes to the USC games and Rams games isn't because the fans don't care about the teams, it's that the Coloseum is so old and run down and outdated the seats suck the view sucks the tickets are overpriced there is no parking at all so you are just better off watching it at home on high definition TV and guess what you get to see way more of the game that's why. Rams fan since 1979.

  • Christopher Browne
    Christopher Browne 5 시간 전

    Okay, so you can use a 1st round pick to get a top college player who may or may not work out in the NFL. It is a dice roll. Don't need to name names. You guys know who have been busts. On the other hand, you can trade a 1st round pick for a proven top tier player who has experience and is much less of a risk. I don't know, sounds like McVeigh might be smarter than we give him credit for.

  • Vesania Vidal
    Vesania Vidal 5 시간 전

    Nick is a total hater

  • After Party
    After Party 5 시간 전

    nwo 4 life!!!!!!!!!!

  • Galactus
    Galactus 5 시간 전

    "They never really booed me as a bad guy." Is Hogan losing his memory lol? He did a FANTASTIC job of getting booed from 1996-1999

  • Brandon Puckett
    Brandon Puckett 5 시간 전

    Im not a Rockets fan but not having them in the playoffs is assinin. The team is BETTER in the regular season then the playoffs so why would they not make it?

  • Critical Thinker presents the Critical Thinking Chronicles

    Packers have greased palms to win games. It does not matter what opportunities are missed by opposing team. Corrupt refs will find a way to help their palm greasing teams win. Reviewing calls in the last two minutes will not stop corruption. The stats of Stafford do not matter when corrupt refs will help opposing teams incl. Patriot, Packers and Chiefs win!

  • Nick
    Nick 5 시간 전

    Utah is sooo overrated. Pelicans will get in over them

  • Ime Prezime
    Ime Prezime 5 시간 전

    When you hear people talking how Kawhi "killed" Giannis in that series, how he pushed Giannis all over the floor, you know that the person saying that didnt watch that series. Raptors literally tripled Giannis, but other Bucks players couldnt hit anything.

  • Brandon Puckett
    Brandon Puckett 5 시간 전

    Im sorry but not having Bron in the top three for hitting the big shots is just plain disrespectful

  • Quin
    Quin 5 시간 전

    No rockets I’m honestly upset Colin

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 5 시간 전

    Lakers ARE nothing !!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🏀🏀🏀🏀Lakers are going down!!

  • GodSlayer2369
    GodSlayer2369 6 시간 전

    I like colin but this list is kind of whacky. Rockets have to come in for dallas or san antonio and utah is too high. Denver is good but i think 3 migbt be a good spot. I think the clippers will be one because i belive they can win a lot of the games that leonard or geroge or both sits. Lakers should be at least 4. Warriors idk they could be a high seed and could be a low seed. I dont love them without klay though.....

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane 6 시간 전

    Omg Colin it's almost like there are other factors to consider when building a roster from scratch. Then you contradict yourself about the Mavs making the playoffs. What are you getting paid, bruh?

  • Bao Vang
    Bao Vang 6 시간 전

    So Colin mean west brook and harden are not better than Christ Paul and harden. That’s y he don’t have rocket on the list.

  • Yusuf Mohamed
    Yusuf Mohamed 6 시간 전

    I honestly think he should stick to the Nfl because he's NBA opinions are so far off it's not funny.

  • 49 Lakers
    49 Lakers 6 시간 전

    I’m sure plenty of comments in here about Joy Taylor, but how do I stand out... 🤔

  • Vinran Gupta
    Vinran Gupta 6 시간 전

    This guy is a really a Nuggets and jazz bias fan and lakers and rockets hater

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards 6 시간 전

    I'm saying how do you still have your own show what if you stupid mother f***** Teddy Bridgewater is that man don't ever f****** forget it you stupid mother f*****

  • Scott Sturgeon
    Scott Sturgeon 6 시간 전

    Somebody should explain that age plays a major factor to Colin

  • The Smoove Fox
    The Smoove Fox 6 시간 전

    Colin must be sipping on quality arsenic if he thinks the Warriors are going to be 4th Seed

  • Ethan Preston
    Ethan Preston 6 시간 전

    When the nba is actually competitive this year >>>>>

  • Trap HS
    Trap HS 6 시간 전

    Kyrie has the best handle

  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards 6 시간 전

    I'm a lions fan through and through, but, when we get out in front, I always say, well, we lost. The calls were trashand called only when the game was on the line for green bay, but we normally lose so it's kinda our thing. We normally forget about the fourth quarter

  • drdellaman
    drdellaman 6 시간 전

    Lakers will win the west and the championship, if they stay healthy.

  • Anthony Hicks
    Anthony Hicks 6 시간 전

    Mobley sounds crazy on this one

  • Omar El-Habbak
    Omar El-Habbak 6 시간 전

    Y'all overhyping Kawhi smh

  • Phillip Muniz
    Phillip Muniz 6 시간 전

    Dawg they need to put harden 6 man and let russel take the first half and do a russel and harden system playoff wise would be tough

  • thank you
    thank you 6 시간 전

    I try to give this guy a chance but he is delusional as always.

  • orancoo
    orancoo 6 시간 전


  • White Stallion
    White Stallion 6 시간 전

    Warriors is 4th seed. This guy must be crazy. Warriors is not better than Portland and San Antonio without Klay.

  • white mamba
    white mamba 7 시간 전

    Doncic is 21

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith 7 시간 전

    Don’t let this distract from the fact that Colin gave kawhi the most overrated award in his end of season award segment last year

  • Jerry 85g
    Jerry 85g 7 시간 전

    Cuttino and Steve Francis were more then teammates

  • ThE PrEdAtOr
    ThE PrEdAtOr 7 시간 전

    I dont see Garrett leaving dallas. Also dont see Jerry throwing down 80 mil for a coach

  • Rondy Wooldridge
    Rondy Wooldridge 7 시간 전

    Florida has a great defense. Didnt Bama struggle for quite some time with that basketball school from a garbage conf....Duke?

  • Impe17
    Impe17 7 시간 전

    1 minute 50 seconds in and I already got brain cancer

  • Smoothly GQ
    Smoothly GQ 7 시간 전

    Hey Collin would you agree QB’s are getting soft after all these injuries??

  • Manvir Sandhu
    Manvir Sandhu 7 시간 전

    can u imagine being reggie bush in LA for a yr when he was in college. damn

  • Massoud Ehssan
    Massoud Ehssan 7 시간 전

    Did Colin watch the ECF at all??? Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka were just as important in stopping the freak as Kawhi was

    • Steven Meinking
      Steven Meinking 2 시간 전

      Toronto was essentially a WCF in the ECF. That's why they rolled.

  • Ben Winkler
    Ben Winkler 7 시간 전

    go to 5:22 to hear Joy break character for the first time

  • ManagerMatt1
    ManagerMatt1 7 시간 전

    Franchise player also puts butts in the seats... Kawhi cant sell tickets like the others... just facts

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith 7 시간 전

    #1 camera should go on Joy more, she is easy on the eyes #2 Colin and Joel is bear segment of the week #3 Colin snob voice is hilarious

  • gutenbird
    gutenbird 7 시간 전

    Curry or Kawhi. But stop pretending Toronto was just a bunch of scrubs. Toronto has been up there for the last several years and GS fell apart with injuries. Also, not even a Lakers fan but do you have a clue at how unstoppable AD to be with all kinds of decoys?

  • Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    Cuttino “Right?” Mobley