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City Girls - Act Up
조회수 38M4 개월 전
City Girls - Careless
조회수 1.6M5 개월 전
City Girls - Season ft. Lil Baby
조회수 12M11 개월 전
City Girls - Intro (#FREEJT) (Audio)
조회수 735K11 개월 전
City Girls - On The Low (Audio)
조회수 493K11 개월 전
City Girls - What We Doin' (Audio)
조회수 741K11 개월 전
City Girls - Act Up (Audio)
조회수 51M11 개월 전
City Girls - Drip (Audio)
조회수 401K11 개월 전
City Girls - Broke Boy (Audio)
조회수 344K11 개월 전
City Girls - Swerve (Audio)
조회수 315K11 개월 전
City Girls - Trap Star (Audio)
조회수 288K11 개월 전
City Girls - Panties An Bra (Audio)
조회수 476K11 개월 전
City Girls - Movie (Audio)
조회수 277K년 전
City Girls - Runnin (Audio)
조회수 236K년 전


  • The champ
    The champ 시간 전

    Why does cardio d talk about and including bum shaking in all her vidoes

  • tbh Ddndndnif
    tbh Ddndndnif 2 시간 전

    This song sucks

  • Devin GoCrazy-_
    Devin GoCrazy-_ 2 시간 전

    On god

  • Devin GoCrazy-_
    Devin GoCrazy-_ 2 시간 전

    On god

  • Shantice Whyte
    Shantice Whyte 2 시간 전

    I wonder how many island girls were in this video?

  • sawet b
    sawet b 2 시간 전


  • Poisoned Frosting
    Poisoned Frosting 3 시간 전

    How did I manage to get from Beethoven to here?

  • Destiny Morris
    Destiny Morris 3 시간 전

    This is an embarrassing video to be in Periottttttt lol

  • Thomasina Brooks
    Thomasina Brooks 3 시간 전

    PERIODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! -LilShondaBrooks

  • Political Outsider
    Political Outsider 4 시간 전

    Cardi B is overrated bitch has fake tits fake ass tiny eyes fat lips big nose, fugly.

  • Queen KametraG.
    Queen KametraG. 5 시간 전

    killed it

  • Laid by Lisa channel
    Laid by Lisa channel 5 시간 전

    Subscribe to my channel you won’t be disappointed 😎

  • Jaylea Everett
    Jaylea Everett 5 시간 전

    If kids bop tried to redo this they couldn’t talk the whole song 🤣😂

  • Kathryn Horne
    Kathryn Horne 5 시간 전


  • Kathryn Horne
    Kathryn Horne 5 시간 전


  • Joshua Lassiter
    Joshua Lassiter 5 시간 전

    And now my woman cant say anything about listening to skippa da flippa.

  • Rachel Crawford
    Rachel Crawford 5 시간 전

    Now thay on titok

  • Rachel Rojas
    Rachel Rojas 5 시간 전

    I love this I will litterly do the challenge my support🙏🙏🙏🙏savages 💀💀💀🤑🤑🤑✌✌

  • GreenGrass BlueGrass
    GreenGrass BlueGrass 5 시간 전

    The indian parody is 1000 times better than this shit

  • nojoke_ nosmoke
    nojoke_ nosmoke 5 시간 전

    My twerk page 614twerkpage

  • Ayesha Hijazi
    Ayesha Hijazi 5 시간 전

    Lmfao the vid tho

  • Record Finder
    Record Finder 5 시간 전

    Did that dude just mansplane in the middle of the vid

  • Zips the Space Bandit
    Zips the Space Bandit 5 시간 전

    Literally cannot see this video without seeing two boys singing this 😂

  • Shay Terry
    Shay Terry 5 시간 전

    Yeeessss!!!!😍 Came to hard!!

  • Hugo Salgado
    Hugo Salgado 6 시간 전

    Plssssssss on my thing if you know what I means

  • Curtis Mckenzie
    Curtis Mckenzie 6 시간 전

    What is they names

  • Stephon Newton
    Stephon Newton 6 시간 전


  • Bry Renee
    Bry Renee 6 시간 전

    Everytime I get my 💅🏽 done I hear this song

  • Gabriel Aderre
    Gabriel Aderre 6 시간 전

    Caresha/Young Miama, and JT/Jatavia, are BOTH so damned gorgeous! And so very talented! I hope that they continue to become more and more recognized and rewarded for sharing their talent with us! They've brought me a lot of enjoyment with their music! And my other half has benefitted too, because I have to have something to jiggle my fun parts to. 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Jan Chacon
    Jan Chacon 6 시간 전

    Oh my goodness bro I'm do happy JT IS OUT she and Yung Miami made such good music and I know there going to be very successful

  • Brandon Goodwin
    Brandon Goodwin 6 시간 전

    This is WoahhVicky's theme

  • Isaiyiah Coleman
    Isaiyiah Coleman 7 시간 전

    Act up you can snatched up cause period and that's on period

  • Isaiyiah Coleman
    Isaiyiah Coleman 7 시간 전

    Who ever didn't like they just mad because the can't twerk

  • Jonah Scott
    Jonah Scott 7 시간 전


  • Jonah Scott
    Jonah Scott 7 시간 전

    since when was lil yatchy a news reporter

    JUGGER NAUT 7 시간 전

    Oh no! I See the 12 year old girl in the school bumping this song whil Unterstand none of what they saying Sorry For my Englisch i come from Germany

  • oona q
    oona q 7 시간 전


  • Cellblock Pictures
    Cellblock Pictures 7 시간 전

    So when did they add the writing ???

  • lidalovesyouu
    lidalovesyouu 8 시간 전

    Ya'll i didn't see a white girl at alll

  • Crispus Attics
    Crispus Attics 8 시간 전

    Bitch please get ya self a ghost writer cuz you 🗑

  • Stacy Jones
    Stacy Jones 8 시간 전


  • Cj King
    Cj King 8 시간 전

    This song made me cry 😭😔✊

  • Carolyne Castro
    Carolyne Castro 8 시간 전


  • WithLove, nell
    WithLove, nell 8 시간 전

    I love her but i thought this was trash

    CoDGAM3RRR 8 시간 전비디오.html better than the original

  • M.SA
    M.SA 8 시간 전

    2:13 kooda 69 flow

  • LaggyStand Yt
    LaggyStand Yt 9 시간 전

    Camera dude was playing on stretch resolution

  • Bella 86
    Bella 86 9 시간 전

    Boy this on Fire

  • dontouchmebitch
    dontouchmebitch 9 시간 전

    They don’t disappoint,bitch I’m living life so careless

  • JakeTheMeme Cat
    JakeTheMeme Cat 9 시간 전

    Can't Wait To Get In The Bed..(I meant to watch this ;). )

  • Bulgarian King
    Bulgarian King 10 시간 전

    When people say KRclip is kid friendly KRclip :

  • Amir Jawhari
    Amir Jawhari 10 시간 전

    This is fire

  • DasJusDee
    DasJusDee 10 시간 전

    remixed this , its on my channel 💕

  • Lisa Simmons
    Lisa Simmons 10 시간 전

    They want us to keep comments respectful, yet this seems a LIL backwards

  • Adam Abera
    Adam Abera 10 시간 전

    I would like to know how many of them had real booties.

  • ihadfunwityomom
    ihadfunwityomom 10 시간 전

    This song & video makes me want to break into a zoo and get all the bad zabrhoes and Tigerls to twerk for me!

  • Claudia Batista
    Claudia Batista 10 시간 전


  •  11 시간 전

    some of the girls in the vid look trashy af just sad how rich she you think she could hve better looking girls

  • Joseph LeForte
    Joseph LeForte 11 시간 전

    the downfall of civiliation

  • Fatima Chevelle Middleton

    543 two one

  • Deathgod Francis
    Deathgod Francis 11 시간 전

    Teaching girls to be thots...yep we need more of that

  • Stalewater 24
    Stalewater 24 11 시간 전

    i like how selfdestructive black people are

  • Probrokeja
    Probrokeja 12 시간 전

    117 M Views 117k Comments 🤔🤔

  • Mikaela Magloire
    Mikaela Magloire 12 시간 전


  • Imelda Garcia
    Imelda Garcia 13 시간 전

    3:33 her neck is gone periodtttt That shit looked like it hurt But sis got the mula so periodtttt

  • World Peace
    World Peace 13 시간 전

    💕City Girls, Girl Code😁

  • K Reyn
    K Reyn 13 시간 전

    Look up "Lavish Stylez" if ya'll want something quite similiar to bust your nut to. #YNW

  • Ferguson Over
    Ferguson Over 13 시간 전

    Everybody saying the cameraman enjoyed this But remember... The editor had to watch this... long takes... in a little room

  • Naomi Mildred
    Naomi Mildred 14 시간 전


  • Life as dead killer
    Life as dead killer 14 시간 전

    If I wasn’t who I was they wouldn’t fuck me and I am who i am and they cant fuck me

  • Jada Cohill
    Jada Cohill 14 시간 전

    Cardi b in the house

  • Hellcat Srt
    Hellcat Srt 14 시간 전

    Every female from the south sounds the same.......

  • Taryn Weaver
    Taryn Weaver 14 시간 전

    Lmfao...pathetic ass lil nas...couldn't even remember the lyrics...i bet your little sister wanna look like me...i bet your little brother wanna fuck "like" me??? Wtf idiot...and what's with wanna fuck on me??? Failed English...nothing new in this shit...English isn't yaws strong point...we get girls got them one hit wonder yo!

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 14 시간 전

    U$ 70,000

  • NeezeBabi
    NeezeBabi 15 시간 전

    Good punchlines but it’s not that Good ijs better than Miami 😂

  • Shannon McNeill
    Shannon McNeill 15 시간 전

    I'm sorry she can't rap, there's so many better female artist!

  • Ree Wheeler
    Ree Wheeler 15 시간 전

    Blkgirlsrock blkgirlstwerk te best fuk watvu saheard..😜

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy 15 시간 전

    She Should of stayed in jail with that bullshit. 😂😂😂😂🚮🚮🚮🚮

  • Carla Winslett
    Carla Winslett 15 시간 전

    00:58 - 1:00 Cardi looks so beautiful!!

  • Marie Ward
    Marie Ward 15 시간 전

    My fav song on album ...

  • A2_Splashy _
    A2_Splashy _ 16 시간 전

    Wow lil yachty has hit a new low😂😂

  • Cantara Bella
    Cantara Bella 16 시간 전

    All shades of choc twerq.

  • Aubree Strong
    Aubree Strong 16 시간 전

    Tell all said I will see him in a minute and tell him I love I like to 2 to sex him Hi-pussydaddy

  • Fkfkfn Nnrkk
    Fkfkfn Nnrkk 16 시간 전

    Girls are hot and retarded in dis.

  • super mo
    super mo 17 시간 전

    1% music 99%twerk

  • daddy hoes
    daddy hoes 17 시간 전

    Did that bitch say flewed out wtf

  • Nabria Smith
    Nabria Smith 19 시간 전

    Lmaoo I love Lil Yachty he's funny

  • ThisIsRiseTV
    ThisIsRiseTV 19 시간 전

    My 12 year old little cousin can write better than this. This is a1 garbage

  • Mr. duck
    Mr. duck 20 시간 전


  • Mr. duck
    Mr. duck 20 시간 전


  • michael bradford
    michael bradford 22 시간 전

    Y'all Hoes alway bring up old Shit go get a "sugar daddy" an Suck a Old Dick ....and... period.

  • PoisxnRxses
    PoisxnRxses 22 시간 전

    I cant stop lauging at Lil Yachty's voice

  • Marisol Espinoza
    Marisol Espinoza 22 시간 전

    That beat though 👌🏻💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

  • Venus Phillips
    Venus Phillips 22 시간 전


  • jdubthaking
    jdubthaking 23 시간 전

    Hot garbage.

  • TeMarie Richardson
    TeMarie Richardson 23 시간 전

    She snapped on dis bitch

  • Milton Leteipa
    Milton Leteipa 23 시간 전

    And the world expects women to rule not until they grow dicks

  • Milagrob1 Bishop

    From where I live there a lot of fucking tewrking from while I live sooo yeah I also tewrk at my school dance

  • Peachy Tutorials

    Flewed out